Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mayor Anna Little Wins Republican Primary in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District

Press Release

Highlands, NJ – Mayor Anna Little pulled out a victory in a very close race against Diane Gooch during a contested Republican primary for congressional district 6. Little will go on to challenge 11-term incumbent Frank Pallone. Little won the Monmouth County portion of the district handily pushing her over the top.

“Thank you so very much for your support over these past few months leading up to the primary” said Mayor Anna Little. “The commitment and dedication of so many of you is something about which I am truly incapable of describing. You have shown that the 6th District has some of the finest grassroots volunteers in the Nation,” commented Mayor Little. “I want to thank the tea party groups, for allowing me to represent your voice.”

Among the many organizations and citizens groups supporting Mayor Little were the Bayshore Tea Party Group, Jersey Shore Tea Party, Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, NJ Tea Party, and Middlesex Tea Party. Little also received endorsements from Eagle Forum, the Jewish Voice and Opinion, Mayor Steve Lonegan, Freeholder John Curley, NJ Conservative Party, and NJ Right to Life, among many others.

“This race is not about me. This race is about the people of this district, state and country. This race was about us, and about what is the best course to restore the government to the people of the United States of America,” stated Little.

In a statement about her primary opponent, Mayor Anna Little said, “My opponent, Diane Gooch, believes in the greatness of America. She is an example of the American Dream. She came from nothing and earned her way to prosperity. She has suffered through personal tragedies most of us can only imagine, and she endured. I offer nothing but the most sincere thank you to Diane Gooch, whom I have come to admire for the manner in which she ran her campaign.”


Anonymous said...

Little, Anna GOP 6,729 50%
Gooch, Diane GOP 6,666 50%

482 of 483 Precincts Reporting - 99%

Anonymous said...

Goes to show that money and power don't always guarantee elections. That's why we vote -- every so often, a groundswell of grassroots support can defeat even the most politically connected, wealthiest candidate.

Hey, maybe Pallone will suffer the same fate.

Mark said...

Can we come together now, and support Little to defeat the ogre, Pallone?

Can we come together behind Sipprelle and also defeat elitist Holt?

I am sure we have all noticed the attention central NJ is getting in the media. The Tea Party Movement and free thinking Americans are looking to us for leadership and strength.

The sun would shine brighter, the birds would sing more beautiful and louder and our Statue of Liberty would be several feet taller if these two enemies of the US Constituion were discarded.
Our motto in several groups is "Charge, Dammit". We did. The mighty have fallen. We won, and we can win again.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Anna and pray that she survives a recount. According to tradition, a press release such as the one I am commenting on should always be preceded by a concession from the losing candidate.

Cosmo said...

Ground Game Ground Game Ground Game.

Little had it, Gooch Didn't.

Little will keep on the ground until November with Pallone thinking he can run the same race as Gooch and be just fine.

Gooch lost or "will lose" because she disregarded the primary voters. She thought that by buying Oakly and Sam Thompson's support she could walk through . . . news flash . . . not every primary voter does what a county or municipal chair wants. In fact I think that you would be hard pressed to find "regular people" who know the names of the party chairs.

Gooch and her well intentioned staff missed the boat. Primary voters vote with their heart, they vote for someone who they can touch, and they vote for someone who the feel listens to them.

Little did this with a great ground game.

Gooch rolled out other people to talk for her.

The people that ran the Gooch campaign (while well intentioned) clearly don't understand New Jersey or retail politics.

Anonymous said...

I hope, I hope, I hope!