Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Special Message From The Gooch Campaign

The Race Is Still Too Close To Call

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your friendship and support of Diane and her campaign. As you may have seen from following the results on election night, this race remains too close to call with only roughly half a percentage point separating Diane from her opponent. Hundreds of votes remain to be counted and we must preserve the integrity of this process. Once this is completed, we are optimistic that Diane will be the Republican nominee against Frank Pallone in the general election.

As our friends and supporters, you should know that our campaign is committed to victory and will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to see that every vote cast properly is counted. Diane is a fighter and has been energized by the turnout and interest that this primary has garnered and is ready to transition that strength and energy to who should be our real opposition, Frank Pallone. We have the will and determination to persevere to the next step and look forward to your continued support.

We will be sure to keep you updated on further developments as we learn more information. Thank you all once again for your tremendous efforts on Diane's behalf.


Tony Sayegh
Campaign Manager


Michael said...

And Gooch has the GALL to say that the tea party is going to fracture the Republican Party????? WTF!!! I think that the actions of Gooch and her entire staff the whole campaign has been completely divisive, and is what is going to splinter the party!

Anonymous said...

What needs to happen now is Gooch should step aside gracefully and she and all of the Republicans who supported her put their efforts to Anna Little. Say what you want - I remember when Declan O'Scanlon did a recount for 65 votes and he still lost. Let's move on and get Anna Little elected in November.

Anonymous said...

"I think that the actions of Gooch and her entire staff the whole campaign has been completely divisive, and is what is going to splinter the party!"

That's exactly right. The only people fracturing the ticket right now are the establishment hacks.

Let me offer a piece of advice to the establishment: Get on board now or be left in the dust. We know how to win now and will continue to do so...over and over and over again until there's none of them left.

Anna changed the rules last night. They play by ours now.

Cosmo said...

Anyone that has been reading this blog know that the "brains" here is Mickey. He doesn't want his wife's heart broken so he will push and push and push.

Do you think the entitled rich truly CARE about the party or being devisive?

This is a group of people, staff and all, that are totally out of touch with what happens in the real world.

I wish there were one "regular joe" on staff there that could just pull Diane and Mickey aside and put an end to this.

But alas, these staffers don't understand New Jersey, they probably worry that they won't work again if they lose. Well, they shouldn't work again if they splinter the party.

They should take Oxley with them.

Friend or foe said...

ok,and, is your campaign committed to winning it for Diane-only, or, will you step up and help Anna?.. don't make us correct in our original assumptions, ok?.. commit to supporting either woman, when all's said and done, now..

Anonymous said...'s time to concede. We need to begin the business of getting rid of Frank Pallone.

The longer this goes on, the worse it will be for the party and our chances of beating Pallone.

Please, do the right thing.

Bayshore Bob said...

I urge everyone to cantact State SWenator Jor Kyrillos and urge him to convince his friend Diane Gooch to concede. For the good of the partyu
His contact info is.

Phone: 732-671-320
Fax: 732-706-9140

One Arin Park Building
1715 Highway 35
Suite 303
Middletown, NJ 07748

Oh no! A Gooch supporter said...

Dear Art,

I know you're going to stop this from going through (just as you block any pro-Diane from touching your dear Anna on this website), but I thought I would say hi.

I have to say I am amazed how much time on your hands you have to blog. I would say most those Republicans who voted for Diane are out working while you work on blog upkeep, but I don't want to jump out and say anyone is out of touch with the people. That would be a low blow.

More importantly, I would like to talk about the election. Anna won Monmouth county and it seems the election. On behalf of Frank Palone, I thank you. Anna's cute going door to door is not going to cut it in a full scale congressional election.

And the "Little Army" is just that: Little. With all of her backing she couldn't get 10,000 people out for her at the poles. Now Diane didn't either, but she is not as established of a political figure with a grassroots movement. If you gave her a summer, she would have bloomed. Instead, Frank Palone is going to muffle out any message Anna has. You refer to her as Christie-like, but the fact of the matter is she is not Chris Christie, she is not funded like Chris Christie, and she will not win.

Mind you, I'll support her if she officially wins. Heck, I might even volunteer a little bit, but I hope you Anna Little supporters who shut out any other message (i.e. denying Diane comments) aren't too crushed when she only even competes in Monmouth County.

Now, Art, if you feel like discussing this further off your precious blog (I wouldn't want to taint its sanctity), feel free to email me at

A Realist

Belford Boy said...

Man whatever kind of pills "A realist" is on I want some.

Your candidate had the line, she spent a quater million dollars! out spent Anna what 10 to 1 and SHE LOST.
Why (you fail to ask)?
maybe because she ran one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen and obviously has a bunch of idiots working for her (especially that campaign manager)

Maybe because She was the wrong candidate in the wrong district.

Look, I am sure Dianne Gooch is a very nice person. I hear she does a lot of Charity work.

However, you can not run a millionaire from Rumson in the Bayshore, any millionaire, and expect them to win. It is just a reality. Anna already has a connection with the people of the district. She does not need to manufacture it. That is why she has a shot at beating Pallone. Politics is about developing a connection with the voters. If you knew anything about the 6th district you would understand that Dianne would have a difficult time doing that. That does not mean she is a bad person. In fact it says more about the district then it does about her.

hell even the politicians backing Dianne did not think she could beat Pallone. Those idiots don't think anybody can. They were just hoping for money.

I admire your faith in your candidate but you are being antything but a realist.

Hopeful but REALLY realistic said...

right on, 9:11, but they will never understand or come around to the true facts.. they will push and push, and delude themselves into thinking the buck, and their brilliance(elitism) will carry the day..I hope the lead holds, I wish the Gooches would do the right thing, but I seriously doubt that will happen, so, all good supporters and workers for CD 6, get ready: we will have to do it all!..

Anonymous said...

Oh NO Gooch supporter, happens to be correct.

The blog behaved more like Katie Coric and the liberal 2,4 ,7
stations, during this primary.
One sided. Not healthy.

ON a separate note:
Anna's is being taken advantage of by those with money who are supporting her, the undertones of Anna's campaign smelled rotten, and Anna should beware!!