Thursday, June 10, 2010

More CD-6 (and a little bit of 12)

There are only 8 provisional ballots in Middlesex County for the CD-6 Republican primary.

Anna Little picked up 2 votes in Somerset County. She won the county 91-89. That gives her an overall lead of 78 votes with 34 provisional ballots to be counted.

The Middlesex County results will be certified tomorrow. Monmouth will certify on Monday.

Several hundred Republicans gathered at Bar Anticipation in Lake Cuomo tonight to raise money for the Monmouth County team of Shaun Golden for Sheriff, and Rob Clifton and Tom Arnone for Freeholder. Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle were both present and enthusiastically received.


Anonymous said...

Time to concede Diane.

Anonymous said...

It is mathematically impossible for their to be any outcome but Anna winning.

Now that human error is removed from vote counting by the electronic machines a recount will change nothing.

It was a close race and that is a tribute to both campaigns however it is over.

I don't understand what anyone expects to change.