Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More CD-6 Updates

The Middlesex County Board of Elections will count, review and certify or reject provisional ballots on Friday the 11th. The campaigns will have the opportunity to challenge the provisional ballots between noon and 2PM. The Commission will meet at 4pm to review the challenges and determine which votes count. As of this writing Middlesex County has not reported how many provisional ballots were cast.

Once again, Middlesex County is late with its data!

Union and Somerset Counties each had one provisional ballot.

In Monmouth County the provisional ballots will be reviewed, challenged and adjudicated on Monday. There were 25 provisional cast in Monmouth, however 2 did not include a party declaration and are likely to be rejected.

The Ocean Township district 14 voting machine that did not report will be opened tomorrow.

What do you think will happen first? We find out how many votes were cast on that machine, if any, or Middlesex County reveals how many provisional ballots they have?


Do the Math said...

If middlesex, which has half as many Republican voters as Monmouth has the same number of provisionals even if Gooch gets every single one (long Odds)it still does not give her enough votes.
The electronic machines are pretty accurate not like the pold days when a machine might be counted wrong.

Somebody in the Gooch camp want to explain a scenario where she wins this cause I do not see it?

Charles Measley said...

I really think something fishy is going on. Everything needs to be done in the open to make sure nothing is messed with. Middlesex need to release how many provisional ballots they have and stop playing game, and do it NOW! Legal action should be taken. I really don't get how you lose a voting machine or forget to count the votes inside of it. Something is really messed up there!

Anonymous said...

I think they all need to listen to the PEOPLE!!! They are saying, loud and clear, that they want Anna Little to face off with Pallone. What the heck does it take to make them understand that? If they ever want support from us again, they need to listen to what we want.

Michael Illions said...

I said it before and I will say it again. The Middlesex County Chair of the Board of Elections is Sylvia Engel, one of the worst establishment party hacks in the this State, and that's saying a lot.

She is the Edison GOP Chair and Vice-Chair of the MCRO, and is on Sam Thompson's ticket for that same spot in next week's reorganization meeting.

Thompson is HUGELY invested in Diane Gooch. From his behavior during this Primary Season and Convention outburst, I wouldn't put anything by him and his minions.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get how you lose a voting machine or forget to count the votes inside of it. Something is really messed up there!

Actually it is not hard if you are not concentrating. You are to remove the cartridge after the printer finishes printing 4 copies of the report If you rush you can lock the back of the machine before you remove the cartridge and print copies. It is not lost. I think an election district did this in 2008 (it came up during the recanvass for the close Freeholder race), and in that situation it turned out the machine wasn't used. Now we are instructed to use both machines.

The 64,000 question is how can those election workers submit the material and not realize they only have one cartridge and printouts for only one machine. When signing you have to provide the seal # for each cartrdge, and you require 4 printouts for each machine. These workers I bet are not coming back for the general election.

Pins and needles! said...

I'd bet on Bertha and Monmouth any day!..go, Anna!

Suspense is killing me said...

as Anna says, it's in God's hands, hopefully He will prevail should anything nefarious be attempted!!

Why us, why now? said...

do we know if there's any fair Republicans anywhere in their operation, or are they all in the Thompson/Gooch camp??..all the more reason to get that dumb county re-districted OUT of CD 6, after this Census!!ridiculous!

Hey, Art, said...

Just spoke to our hard-working Elections Clerk: they got the order to open that 1 machine,the machine had broken, they used the other one in OT d.14, there were no votes on it, it's on the site now, 100% votes in, and no change.. pray for no big provisional surprises!!!and, for Middlesex to get it's damn act together properly!!

Mark said...

Oh I see. We have ACORN on one side and now Sam Thompson's shills on the other? There better not be any voter fraud here. If these establishment undesireables give out even a whiff of impropriety all hell will be released on their heads. Oxley/Kyrillos/Weber you also better make sure this is on the up and up. This will affect you also.
I define "all hell" as Tea Party demonstrations, national Tea Party Patriot exposure, media "outing" on TV and radio and a fierce campaign over the election cycles to stuff Committee seats with Tea Party members in Middlesex. We want to work with you, not fight you. Do not be willing to cross the line, gents. That shell flying over your bow is our intentions.

Anonymous said...

Mark - I'm a Little supporter, but I have to say I'm getting tired of your constant threats and put downs of fellow Republicans who Anna will absolutely need if she has any hope of beating Pallone. Unless you have evidence of any illegality, stop with the veiled threats and accusations and let the process play out. If it were the other way around, you and I would not want Anna to concede until everyth vote was counted and certified. A fair count of every vote is the one thing that would unify everyone. Let it happen.

Mark said...

Anonymous. So your tired of threats? Well I am tired of watching our Republic circling the drain by BHO Dems and corrupt, short sighted GOP party machines.
We will not be violent but we sure as hell will not stand by like neutered sheep. Get used to it. The giant is awake, the groundswell is rising and we have a nasty attitude towards all of it.

M. Laffey said...

"do we know if there's any fair Republicans anywhere in their operation, or are they all in the Thompson/Gooch camp??"

Let me answer that this way.

First, I am a long time Republican. A former Chairman in my town and I am heading Anna's Legal team for the anticipated recount.

second I can not speak to the other Counties but I am sure that the election officials in Monmouth will handle this election as they do all elections.
Fairly anf effeciently.

Mark said...

That is all we ask, fairly and evenly. The vote count for the candidates must speak for itself. No clear thinking person can dispute an accuarte recording and reporting of the results.
After all, we aren't leftist!

Lee said...

I worked for Anna by calling a number of people in Piscataway. I want her to be our candidate. However, I don't think either camp wants an unfair election. Dems want us to be divided. I REFUSE. I want to see Pallone DUMPED! and will vote accordingly.