Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gooch Picks Up 26 Absentees In Middlesex, Little Leads By 79

The Asbury Park Press is reporting that Diane Gooch picked up 26 absentee votes in Middlesex County that were not included in last night's tally, reducing Anna Little's lead for the nomination from 105 votes to 79.

Also, the APP said that a cartridge from a voting machine in Ocean Township's 14th voting district was left behind last night, according to Special Deputy County Clerk Bertha Sumick. Sumick is awaiting a court order to open that machine to retrieve the cartridge. Last night the clerk's office told the Little campaign that the machine that had not been reported was not used during the election.


Charles Measley said...

I think the game is over. Anna wins!

Anonymous said...

The machine was reported to be in a secure location in Ocean Township(Assemblywomen Angelini's garage).

Mayor Daly said...

How did 26 absentee ballots "show up' and all happen to be for the same person?

Charles Measley said...

A) how is it just left behind?

B) It is my understanding that the machines have 2 read outs of the votes cast. One is a printout from electronic information and the second is a box that contains a paper countermeasure to check for the electronic printouts. So the question is why does the cartridge matter if you already have the electronic printout, are you trying to count the votes twice?

C) If the clerk said the machine wasn't used, how is it now all of a sudden that it was used?

Inquiring minds need to know said...

oh, I hate these nail-biters!..gotta keep the faith that we will make history.. btw, is Diane still going to be Joe's Vice chair next week?..