Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Good Plug Deserves Another

Greg Kelly's Monmouth County Life has named MoreMonmouthMusings one of Monmouth County's Best Blogs:

• MoreMonmouthMusings — Few Monmouth County bloggers, and few in general anywhere, write about local politics as clearly and quickly as does Art Gallagher. His online stuff is usually correct, often passionate, and always informative. His effort to address county issues is laudable. And he’s a true county bayshore man—so you know where he stands.

Thanks Greg!

Others to make Greg's cut are Bob Ingle's Politics Patrol, the Star Ledger's Paul Mulshine, Politickernj and RedBankGreen.

Since only MMM and RedBankGreen originate in Monmouth County, and since RedBankGreen insists it is not a blog, I win!

Monmouth County Life is a really good site. Greg is doing a wonderful job fulfilling his stated mission:

Welcome to Today, more and more Americans are going online for their information and entertainment needs and Monmouth County is no different.

The need for an independent, fresh, professionally filtered, and thought-provoking online information resource for web-surfing county residents is overdue. After all, we’re a vibrant and curious community. will reflect and celebrate our way of life—which is among the best anywhere.

We’ll offer appealing local perspectives on Monmouth County—including content on news, culture, people, places, things to do, business, government, and history. We’ll identify and aggregate meaningful content, offering a spirited mix of useful information and easy navigation.

As a source of exceptional “sun and fun,” Monmouth County boasts a glorious history. Good times along our coastal community date to the 19th century. Right into today, the area is known for its cool breezes, invigorating waters, solid citizenry, capable businesses, and proud institutions. With more than 25 years of experience in local journalism, county native Greg Kelly has launched a new web site offering a digital portrait of this region’s exceptional lifestyle.

The publishers of will seek out, post, and comment on pertinent news and information—spotlighting county people and places—and deliver it all in an engaging and professional style. Visitors will return again and again to content that is quality and caring.

Our mission will always be to deliver a digital portrait depicting Monmouth County Life in an honest and honorable way.

Bookmark the site, or your can reach it on the MMM news links on the side bar.

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