Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oxley Reelected Monmouth GOP Chair, Gooch Remains Vice Chair

Joe Oxley was elected to a second term as Chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Organization this evening.

Oxley bested Howell Township Chairman John Costigan 188-153.

In her nominating speech for Oxley, Freeholder Director Lillian Burry told the assembled county committee members that she was "not asking them to vote against John Costigan" but rather for the strength and stability that Oxley has provided "as we prepare to take our government back, I mean the one in Washington."

Jennifer DiLorenzo, the Monmouth Beach Municipal Chairwoman, seconded Oxley's nomination by reading a statement from CD-6 GOP nominee Anna Little asking the committee to reelect Oxley.

Costigan told the committee of the difference he has made throughout 40 years as a volunteer for Republican causes and promised to export the successes he has worked for throughout the county. He was particularly critical of the candidate selection process that Oxley implemented over the last two years, declaring, "Anna Little should not have had to defeat the Monmouth County line." He promised to bring back the convention system.

During his speech, Oxley reminded the committee of what has been accomplished during the last two years under his leadership; the restoration of a sound financial footing, and the huge plurality for Governor Christie last year, and the winning of control in 8 Monmouth towns.

Oxley acknowledged the controversy over the candidate selection process and quoted Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken, "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

He said that he needed to "stop the bleeding" when he became chairman. That the three conventions held by his two predecessors had resulted in the loss of three Freeholder seats and thus the loss of control of the county government. He said the screening committee of 92 people he implemented which includes all municipal chairs, all past and present elected county and state level officials from the county has worked. He said he envisioned the party emerging into a system like Ocean County's that includes both a screening committee and county committee convention.

Despite the closeness of the vote, 10% is a small margin, especially considering that Oxley won by acclamation two years ago, and despite the fact that we just came off a hard fought primary in the Monmouth dominated 6th district, there was no sense of disunity in the convention when the vote was announced. Costigan was gracious and pledged his continued hard work and support.

Oxley nominated Diane Gooch for a second term as Vice Chair, which the convention approved by acclamation.

Oxley ended the evening by welcoming the many new committee members, quite a few of whom are Tea Party activists. Oxley declared that "we need their energy and commitment."


Anonymous said...

More of the same old BS.

Anonymous said...

wow surprised much closer than i thought it was.

Anonymous said...

Good news today. Now we must all come together as one and support our candidates in November. I hope Diane's supporters will support Anna and John's supporters will support Joe. The elections are over and we come together as one. Andrew Bane.

MORE DETAILS??? said...

WOW!!! That was close. Question -does anyone have number of total committee seats that were eligible to vote? Also, who is vice-chair? One of rumors was that support was going to Costigan because Joe was planning to name that new person (the woman who was named to State Committee/Board of Elections, etc) to that instead of Dianne Gooch.

Anonymous said...

Let me add a few things.

1. Oxley called the people who carried Little and Corsi to sound county wins the "undercurrents"
2. Oxley said he's proud of his big wins in this primary, and he mentioned Clifton and Arnone (who ran unopposed)
3. For the vice-chairman he asked for yays, barely half the audience said yay, and then skipped the nays and annointed her.
4. Despite not agreeing with most of the things he said, I voted for Joe.

Anonymous said...

Did Scudiery get reelected?

Anonymous said...

Joe is a class act and earned another two years! Good bless him and good luck with this group.

Anonymous said...

Oxley has done a great job these past two tumultuous years. We need to rally behind him and focus on winning in November.

Anonymous said...

Oxley has done an admirable job under difficult circumstances. His abilty to unify the factions in monmouth county is a huge plus for the parties future success.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 10:30:00 PM "Despite not agreeing with most of the things he said, I voted for Joe".

Thankfully JOE won. Fundraising he has done very well. Grassroots, 34,327 Christie plurality speaks volumns about his leadership. As a candidate he never lost an election.

United we stand, one more time said...

since some new seats were added Mon. at local re-orgs, and several were added in Howell by and for John, am guessing maybe 600 or so of some 900 possible seats may be filled, it's fluid, as some come and go..334 showed up to vote last night.. many thought Joe would be a shoe-in, so didn't bother to show, some were motivated by negativity with any status quo, so that can explain the close vote,in 2010..it's a tough time and the party seems very easily polarized, it is a gargantuan task to even attempt to "herd these cats"..John's a nice guy and a worker, but clearly, not someone who could unify this bunch any better, at all.. promising more devisive conventions, with no other overall game plan but accenting the Bayshore, would not have moved us forward, at this juncture..it's past time for more individual responsibility, and time for the chairs to do more leading and participating now!..for example, many folks had NO idea chairs are supposed to poll their town's c.c., BEFORE attending any screening for candidates!..will encourage Joe to do a "county committee basics" seminar, soon, and hope many, especially new people, attend..I hope in this term, Joe also tries to encourage the town chairs to take a more active and productive leadership role, and be more diligent and communicative, they are supposed to contribute and work, besides just taking a title: party grunt-work is hard, and never-ending: all those who purport to lead, need to re-commit to HELP, not harm, the overall GOP effort in this county!.. good luck, Joe!..

Anonymous said...

Inmates almost took over the asylum. How could Joe's opponent have raised $150,000 and run a credible county campaign? Howell is the most dysfunctional town of the 53 in Monmouth county. God bless and best wishes for Joe.

Anonymous said...

What I heard last night is that John is a well respected seasoned Republican conservative for many years.
Joe, on the other hand, stated he first learned politics at a young age by making money delivering flyers for a nickel.
It appears Joe never realized that those flyers had a message and it just wasn't about money.

Anonymous said...

Joe is a seasoned and battle tested
leader. He is best man for the job!

Anonymous said...

We'll see how much money matters in politics this November. Enjoy your moment in the sun- it won't last long.

What IS that? said...

I cannot fathom this attitude perservering..why would you separate yourself from a Joe "moment-in-the-sun"??.. don't you want to move forward,as a united party, and win for the GOP and our citizens, at all levels??.. why is it still acrimonious and so personal for you, and why can't you stop the cynicism and get on board, help where you can, and be part of an historic win in Nov.??

TR said...

Really what is to be gained at this point by bashing either gentleman.

There was a vote one side won one side lost. lets now move forward.
Both Joe and John have different qualities to recomend them. In fact they compliment each others talents nicely.
let us join them both in promotng the Republican party

Anonymous said...

Joe has done a great job hearding cats. Good luck durintg the next two years.