Monday, June 14, 2010

Pallone Weighs In On Man Made Disaster

No, not the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

CD-6 Congressman Frank Pallone, a powerful member of the Indian caucus in congress, called for Warren Anderson, the former chairman of Union Carbide (now a subsidiary of Dow Chemical) to be extradited to India to stand trial for the Bhopal gas disaster that occurred December 2-3, 1984.

The Bhopah disaster is in the news because last week 7 Indian executives of Union Carbide were convicted of negligence, fined, sentenced to two years in prison and released on bail.


Anonymous said...

The Union Carbide Plant was run by an Indian subsidiary of Union Carbide. India’s government required the factory to be owned, managed and operated by employees of Union Carbide India Limited.
Anderson was never extradited by the US because of lack of evidence.

Andersons criminal liability has been promoted primarily by the radical environmental group green peace based on unsubstantiated violations.

So now in an election year in a sad attempt to gain favor with a large Indian voting block in Middlesex county Radical Frank Pallone calls for extraditing a U.S. Citizen.

Oh and by the way the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation attempted to downgrade the charges to Criminal negligence and the Indian Courts refused. So tell me what are the odds this old man would get a fair trial?

Nice job of pandering Frank.
Is there anything you wouldn't do to get reelected?

Unknown said...

Hasn't the statute run out on this? Pallone, how about tackling American problems, it's not like they don't exist in large quantities. Oh, I forgot, that would mean behaving like a real congressman instead of a grandstanding BS artist. Didn't you vote to STOP the defunding of ACORN? Could you be anymore reprehensible to the American public? No you can't.