Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sipprelle To Hold Monmouth Meet And Greet Tomorrow

Scott Sipprelle's Monmouth County Meet & Greet
Sunday, June 6th - 10:00 to 11:30am

The Pancake House
1610 Highway 35
Middletown, NJ 07748
(732) 671-1145

Contact Selika for more information at...

Phone: 732 580-7617

9 comments: said...

If you go, ask Scott why his campaign manager promised Scott would answer my Conservative Questionnaire (I have his email if anyone wants to see it) and then Scott didn't.

Dave Corsi did.

I'm not choosing sides here.

In the "Year of the Message" I'm just wondering why Scott won't say what his is.

Mark said...

Bad spot for your choice, Scott. Bayshore holds it's weekly Tea Party directly across the street from that Pancake House. Your visitors will have to view a large Little/Corsi Tea Party when they leave.

Anonymous said...

Umm, someone should let Scott know that Venue is in the 6th District, not the 12th.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Middletown Pancake house is in the 12th. Route 35 is the dividing line.

Mark said...

The gerrymander line is right there somewhere, it could be the 12th or the 6th. Depends on where a pointy-headed no-nothing politician marked the map with his/her crayola.

Anonymous said...

Dave Corsi is dangerous. He is a developer with dollar signs in his eyes, when he builds across the 12th District.

Mark said...

I did not attend Mr. Sipprelle's meet and greet. His meet and greet, did however attend our Little/Corsi Tea Party (Bayshore Tea Party group has a scheduled weekly Tea Party across the street from the pancake house) today. Although we were from opposing camps, the air was cordial, polite and respectful. Mr. Sipprelle and several of his supporters walked and talked with the dozens of the Bayshore and Jersey Shore Tea Party members. None of the ugly crap we are accustomed to when leftist radicals are present occurred. It gave me a good feeling that regardless who wins Tuesday, the 12th district will come together AND GIVE THE ELITIST SNOB RUSH HOLT HIS WALKING PAPERS.

Anonymous said...

Stop with the Little corsi ceap.
the two are not linked.
Anna does not support corsi and you are wording it that way to cause a false impression.
I support Anna Little though I do not live in her district but I am voting foe sipprelle.
Unlike Anna Corsi is going NO WHERE.
Here is where the Tea party is making its mistake.
They should pick a few highly viable candidates in the primary and back them. Instead of backing every wing nut insurgent out their.
Corsi has shown himself to be inneffective and Scott agrees with you on the economic issues most important to the tea parties.
Wasting resources on Corsi is just not smar

Anonymous said...

sorry I missed Scott's outreach to Monmouth, Selika's doing a great job, he's a nice guy who seems to be tying to do the right thing.. good luck Tuesday, Scott and Anna!!.. two good new faces for NJ, in that pit of spend-and-tax-dom!