Sunday, June 06, 2010

Little's Signs Are All Over The Place!


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that someone in the Little camp knows how to use PhotoShop.

Anonymous said...

Putting her signs in front of other candidates signs,she rolls that way in NJ, too. Not admirable. Wasting dollars on signs in other states, again, as a Little supporter not happy. If she wastes money on these signs, what else will she waste our money on? Again, not happy.

Anonymous said...

"Nice to know that someone in the Little camp knows how to use PhotoShop."

I can assure you it's not photoshop. Nice try though.

"Putting her signs in front of other candidates signs,she rolls that way in NJ, too."

Nah. That's really more of a Gooch thing. Oh and stealing Anna's signs too...Gooch is great at that.

I can likewise assure you that the campaign didn't spend a dime on getting that sign there.

SMILE, we CAN win this said...

8:59, oh, Brian, for such a young man,you have no sense of humor or fun!.. the point is, we're hoping these newbies contributing to the process translates into some wins nationwide.. and, the GOP, emphasis on OLD, apparently needs to embrace them, if they think they have a chance to defeat Obamaland in Nov.!!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I use PhotoShop at work. Those signs are not real. In fact, it's the same Little sign. Look at the folds. Look at the lighting. Are you telling me two signs in 2 states are crinkled in precisely the same place?

Anonymous said...

"With all due respect, I use PhotoShop at work. Those signs are not real"

Uh, it is the same sign and yes, it is real. That's why it's the "traveling Little sign" you dolt.

But yes, it is a real sign and not photoshopped at all.

You people are pathetic. Is this Tony Sayegh? Go steal some more literature loser.

Longhaired Conservative said...

I can assure you that those photos are real, because I took them! OK, it is the same sign on either side of the LA/TX border, a friend from Jersey sent it to me. The sign wouldn't fit on the only yard sign I had, so I taped it on. You guys lighten up.

Oh, and she didn't waste any dollars. I donated my money. They also had no idea I was going to do it.

Go Anna!

Mr. Politics said...

I get a kick out of the whining she stole my sign, she put hers in front of mine. He accused me of something I did. They twisted something I said.

The only thing more childish then those who do it are those who whine.

News flash

1. nobody can control everything their volunteers do.

2. No campaign is pure as the driven snow so cast not the first stone.

3. It is politics. Its like war it is supposed to be dirty and nasty and a grand farce all at the same time. So relax and enjoy the show

Anonymous said...

the major point is: do you have the right message that resonates with voters, at that time, and carry it through, for months of exhaustion, getting torn up, and come out a winner, then, if lucky, do the peoples' work?..there's no way Diane's prepared for it all, while it's Anna's lifeblood.. big difference, hope it goes well tomorrow!

Shorelover85 said...

You know, I haven't seen one pro Gooch Comment on this blog. We know that Art is in the Tank for Anna, so; is he preventing them from being posted?

If so, perhaps he should be adding the following disclaimer to each posting. "I'm Anna Little & I Approve Of This Message," because this blog sure looks like the Anna Little Campaign Website.

Oh, and Mr. Politics...your comments about signs shows how arrogant the Little campaign is. Ronald Reagan said "Thall Shalt Not Attack Another Republican."

The sign thing with Little is pervasive and across the district, organized and concerted.

If this is what Anna Little and her tea partier volunteers are all about, shame on them.

Mr. Politics said...

I wasnt talking about the people stealing Gooch signs.
I was referring to the people stealing Anna signs.

So sorry for the confusion.

Like the guy in the red pick up truck with the bumper sticker of a candidate in another district.

Yes we know who you are.