Sunday, June 06, 2010


Mayor Little supports the Governor’s common sense approach to bringing real property tax relief to New Jersey Families

Highlands, NJ- As a small-town mayor in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District, Mayor Little knows all too well how debilitating the property tax burden in New Jersey can be to working families. It is why the Highlands Mayor has signed onto Governor Christie’s Cap 2.5 program to keep local and State spending, which has spiked nearly 70% and 50%, respectively, in the last decade, at a constitutionally mandated year-over-year increase.

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The average New Jersey household pays more than $7,000.00 per year in property taxes which is the highest rate in the nation. “All levels of Government, from the Federal Government to the States to local municipalities, need to work cooperatively to lower the crushing tax burden on our families. I support Governor Christie’s plan in New Jersey because it is a necessary measure for both the State and local governments to curb wasteful and inefficient spending”, said Mayor Little.

Mayor Little is running for Congress in the 6th District on that same premise. Both New Jersey and the Federal Government have a serious spending problem that needs to be dealt with boldly in order for us to put our house back in order and truly stimulate the economy. As Mayor, Anna Little has cut Highlands municipal budget by 5% each year she’s been in office. She will take that record and philosophy to Washington with her in November.

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