Saturday, June 19, 2010


An overflow crowd of over 250 Tea Party activist and rank and file Republicans gathered this morning in Hazlet at the Park East restaurant for the Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County's GOP Breakfast of Champions.

Highlights of the morning:

Anna Little received a standing ovation when she arrived!

Scott Sipprelle declared that "there's a wave coming this November. It is not a Republican wave, it is a wave or moral clarity." He received a spontaneous standing ovation.

John Curley said, "I can't wait until November 3rd when Rahm Emanuel enters the Oval Office to warn the President, There's a bus coming down the New Jersey Turnpike with Chris Smith, Scott Sipprelle and Anna Little. We're in trouble."

John Costigan announced that he is writing an OpEd piece for the Asbury Park Press to correct their editorial that said the Monmouth GOP was split. He then introduced Joe Oxley.

Photos by Rhoda Chodosh


Anonymous said...

Is this the first big RINO - Tea Party summit? Would've loved to be there.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time today unifying with the Republican party because thats what its all about. Anna got the standing ovation that she deserved. She did something no one else has done. All in all...a nice morning.
PS - lots a tea party presence ; )

Mlaffey said...

It sounds like it was a great event!
Their is nothing like a unified and energized party.

I smell victory in the air.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6/19 2:44 - I hear you (particularly in CD 12) ... but since RINO trumps PINKO, the Tea Party must regroup & redirect!

Anonymous said...

Art - where was Diane Gooch?

Art Gallagher said...

Art - where was Diane Gooch?

I don't know. I heard she had a wedding.

Diane has announced her support of Anna. She doesn't have to attend every event.

Mark said...

Mr. Chris (Cap n Trade/Card check) Smith received a luke warm reception from the Tea Party folks.

We are watching you, sir. We fully expect your cooperation in thwarting the BHO/radical leftist agenda. The Tea Party groups in your district are reluctant to assist your campaign. Scott and Anna will be the beneficiaries of their efforts. You should win, regardless. Eight months, 14 months, 18 months down the road if we see you voting for any unconstitutional bills the streets outside your office in NJ will be one crowded, noisy place. The ensuing primary will be a dogfight. Someone once chastised me for "threatening" on this site. This note is not a threat, just facts. Don't think for one second we won't notice or you will slip one by us. You are on Tea Party probation. Support the Constitution and we will support you next go-round. Don't and......