Saturday, June 19, 2010

Save The Date

Rush Holt is having a Telephone Town Hall Meeting (he doesn't dare have a live in person meeting since he met Rhoda)on Tuesday June 29 at 7:20PM.

You can sign up to be on the call here.


Cut to the chase said...

shades of desperation and the ongoing phoniness of these libs..maybe our candidates need just a radio commercial with a soundtrack of people laughing at the poor performance of these libs, followed by babies crying,at what they already owe this country from the moment they are born.. perhaps it would wake people up!!

Anonymous said...

signed up - let's see what happens. Bet he has a list of those he doesn't want to talk to....

He also wants your phone number and email - since this is a government website - any bets as to whether or not illegal use of these email addresses and phone numbers will occur during the campaign?

Someone should pass this on to Scott to investigate if this happens.