Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Should Phoney Palloney's Next Job Be?

Phoney Frank Palloney, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Rush from Rhoda Holt and Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer highlight the need for federal funding for clean renewable energy programs and green-job training during a visit to the Isles' YouthBuild Institute in Trenton.

The banner should read, "Isles, fostering self-reliance through federal funding."

We know he's wanted his next job to be U.S. Senator. However it is beginning to look as though that ship sailed when Frankie turned down the opportunity to replace Robert Torricelli when "the Torch" was forced to withdraw in shame from his 2002 reelection bid. Phoney was hoping to be appointed to the Senate if Frank Lautenberg failed to complete his term. That hope faded when Chris Christie sent Jon Corzine back to Wall Street.

This November the voters will remove Phoney Palloney from the job he hasn't really wanted for at least the last four terms. That will doom his U.S. Senate dreams. His war chest will be spent down and he will no longer be seen as electable after losing to Anna Little.

So what will Frankie do? Many former congressmen become lobbyists. I guess he could do that. The special interests have been funding his campaign coffers for years. Putting him on the payroll wouldn't be much of a stretch. This would be good for him too because he could stay in Washington and not uproot his family.

I've speculated that he wants to be an Ambassador to India or Ireland given his knowledge of historical events in those countries and his pandering to his constituents of Indian and Irish decent. He'll probably feel differently when he confronts how poorly he does in those communities come November. Besides, India doesn't need anymore hot air and Ireland has a surplus of blarney.

He was once Pat Menna's law partner for two weeks. Maybe he can join Pat's latest firm. Of course that would require uprooting his family, unless the firm opens an office on K Street in Washington.

Maybe Frankie will become of real estate agent or closing attorney in Aberdeen, Maryland. Could be a good opportunity for him as many of his former constituents who have worked for years at Fort Monmouth will be looking for housing in the area next year. Also, it is not a bad commute from Washington, so he wouldn't have to uproot his family.


Already has the best pension and healthcare.. said...

he can sell hot dogs at either Mrs. Max's, or the original Windmill in West End.. or, sell used cars at his daddy's lot on Broadway, if it's no longer a staging area for the bi-annual "knock and drag" canvassers for his voters, it might as well go back to crummy cars! that his little brother squeaked by and got on the Council in LB, maybe he'd do well at town hall, or helping out with tourism at the Pier..and, there's always a need for more pizza delivery boys for Freddie's or Tony's!! see, there's lots of honest hard-working things for him to do!!!

Time to Retire PHONEY!! said...

Thank you Art...what is so pathetic is what you have posted is totally true. Frankie's (Phoney's) congressional website last time I checked showed him surrouded by "native american" artifacts...go to the fec and find Frank is recipient of $$$ from various "tribes"...none in NJ. NOTHING for sean Goldman, NOTHING for FORT MONMOUTH total ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up CD6

Mark said...

Their sign should say "looting the economy". Greening my fanny.

Anonymous said...

obviously with his interest in indian tribes and tribes in the Caucus region he really wants to be an anthropologist.

He has got to be better at that then he is at being a congressman