Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rush and Rhoda: Another View

Retired weekly shopper writer Kathy Baratta has taken issue with my characterization of what happened at Rush Holt's Town Hall meeting in Marlboro last January. She says the video is very clear and that Rush did not rip the microphone from Rhoda's hands.

Kathy did not address the main point of the post, i.e., that Holt rushes from Rhoda whenever he sees her now.

On another venue, Kathy said I was a toady political hack who fancies himself a king maker. That Kathy is so cute and clever.

Kathy was also critical of the fact that I did not post all of her comments. That's true, I felt one of her comments was over the top.

In fairness to all, I thought it only appropriate that we take another view of the controversial exchange between Rush and Rhoda.

Thanks Kathy!


Anonymous said...

Scott, I hope you're watching. Your first, second and third commercials practically write themselves.

Kathy Baratta said...

God Art,

You're worse than I knew. First you insult Greater Media Newspapers (PROVING I hit a nerve) then you show a DIFFERENT video than the one I commented on.

That you are a PARTISAN HACK is now abundantly clear.

Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Art, I know from experience, the person in question is not worth your time or energy. I was the target of her below the belt attacks for 6 years in office - all while she covered the town (for most of the 6 years). Do yourself a favor and let this one go. Its beneath you and this is a Republican site.

Joe DiBella

Anonymous said...


I know Kathy.

I've seen Kathy.

I've worked with Kathy.

I've read Kathy's work.

Art, Kathy is not worth your time.

Anonymous said...

But Joe its so much fun to watch her go Bat shit Crraazzy

Anonymous said...

I was there. Holt was reading only the questions he liked. He was reading answers from that binder he is holding. A woman got up and asked very politely if we could ask our question instead of having them pulled from a box. He ignored her. The woman, Rhoda, asked if he could address her question without reading his talking points from his binder and thats when he grabbed the mike. He did, in fact, grab the Mike. I saw it. There was no reason to do so. Besides.....he was LYING. They are all lying.