Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Rush Holt Doesn't Host Live Town Hall Meetings Anymore

Good morning Frank. Good morning Rush. See you again this afternoon.

Rush Holt would rather have controlled conference calls with his constituents than to meet them in public. His next controlled call is June 29 at 7:20 PM. You can sign up to be on that call here.

Retired weekly shopper writer, the award winning Kathy Baratta has taken to commenting here at MMM in defense of Rush Holt's conduct at Town Hall meetings because her own venue only has 39 views on the topic since I raised it last Thursday.

Kathy said that Rush Holt did not rip the microphone from Rhoda Chodosh's hand during the January 25 Town Hall meeting in Marlboro. I wasn't there, so I figured I go looking for other videos of the event. This is a good one.

At about the 2:40 mark of this video you will see that Rhoda got Holt's attention and he stepped away from the mic, surrendering it to her and then having second thoughts and grabbing it back.

Later in the video Holt tells us where jobs come from. Right Rush, and babies come from storks. In Rush's world the results show up without doing what it takes. In reality everyone gets screwed by the Holt, Pallone, Pelosi agenda, especially future generations.

Towards the end of this video, Holt threatens to "take the people who actually want to have a discussion" into another room, leaving the people who want to be heard. He also points a constituent who wants to be heard to the door.

On the conference call next week, Holt will control the "discussion."

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