Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vote, Get Out The Vote, Win, Then Come Together

At the end of a competitive contest, emotions are high. Winners are elated, losers are devastated. In professional sports TV coverage, the championship game show ends with the winning team embracing and piling on each other in mid field before hoisting their hero on there shoulders and doing a victory march. The losing team is seen dejected, crying and burying their heads in towels. Then the sportsmen meet on the field with fist bumps, and pats on the back. There is congratulation and consolation.

Tonight, along the Shrewsbury River, CD-6 Republicans will experience all of those emotions. The Anna Little campaign and her supporters will gather at Beacon on the Bay in Highlands. The Diane Gooch team and her supporters will gather across the river at Merri-Makers in Sea Bright.

However, while the CD-6 primary has been a competitive contest, it is not the championship event. It is the elimination round. Unlike competitive sports, the great thing about this contest is that all the players can join the winning team. Indeed, all players should join the winning team. Given what is at stake, it is the patriotic duty of all the players to join the winning team. It is the patriotic duty of the victors to welcome and embrace those they have fought for the last few months, because they will be needed for the fall campaign. The only losers tonight will be those who choose to be. Those who go home bitter and defeated will be. Those who join the winning team will be choosing to escalate the battle to save America from Frank Pallone-Pelosi.

I will be at Beacon on the Bay with Anna Little and her team. I hope and expect to end the night there. Within an hour, or there abouts of the results being known, I hope and expect the players who support Diane Gooch cross the river and join us.

If Diane Gooch wins tonight, I will cross the river and go to Merri-Makers. I hope and expect that the players who support Anna Little to do as well.

Emotions will be high all day today. At the end of the day, there should be two prevalent emotions. Resolve on the part of the Republicans who are rallying around our candidate, and fear on the part of Frank Pallone-Pelosi.


WE MUST DEFEAT Frank Pallone Pelosi said...

+1 on this post. Hope everyone follows your lead on this one, Art.

Go- fight-win said...

what will be, will be: we MUST take back the Congress, and whatever we have to legally do to get us there, we will do, all united!!!(please??)

Corey said...

Well said Mr. Gallagher. Listen we have some serious choices facing those of us who are not of the Bigger government is better government mindset. We can tear each other down over this or that individual issue which is of personal importance to us or decide to do what is right in the bigger picture and take care of those individual issues in house. It is time realize the costs of tearing each other apart, splitting up and voting in a 3 way race, and watching the Liberals waltz into office. The price is far to high to not unite and get this country headed back on the right track.