Tuesday, June 08, 2010


“This is the year”. On May 17, 2010, Mayor Anna Little, Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District, penned an op-ed explaining how the tea party movement and energized Conservative voters were going to take their government back from career politicians like Frank Pallone, whom Mayor Little will face in the general election.

For 11 straight terms-22 years-the Republican Party establishment in the 6th District has failed to field a viable candidate to beat Frank Pallone. This year, Mayor Anna Little took it upon herself to change that and is the first Republican in more than two decades with a realistic chance of beating Frank Pallone.
In a remarkably short amount of time, Mayor Little has garnered endorsements from numerous local, state and national organizations who all recognize that she is the first legitimate threat to Frank Pallone in 22 years.

This is the year. In no particular order, Mayor Little has been endorsed by:’
· Mayor Steven Lonegan (executive Director of Americans for Prosperity-New Jersey
· Bayshore Tea Party Group (encompassing the Bayshore area of Monmouth County
· Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly’s national organization)
· NJ Right to Life (Statewide pro-life organization)
· NJ Conservative GOP (Statewide Conservative organization)
· Defundit.org (National advocates for defunding the Health Care Bill)
· Ocean County Citizens for Freedom (regional tea party encompassing southern Monmouth County and Ocean County)
· Conservative Party of NJ (Statewide recognized political party)
· Independence Hall Tea Party PAC (regional tea party encompassing parts of southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas)
· Middlesex County Tea Party (regional tea party encompassing parts of Middlesex County in the 6th District)
· Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots (regional tea party encompassing central and southern Monmouth County)
· NJ Tea Party (statewide tea party organization)
· Jewish Voice and Opinion (an influential statewide publication promoting classical Judaism)

Mayor Little’s volunteers are unpaid, grassroots activists who believe in the
greatness of the United States. In the last 96 hours, they have made over 15,000 phone calls and knocked on over 10,000 doors in the 6th District. They have done so because they know that Mayor Anna Little is the only Republican capable of beating Frank Pallone and ending his reign over the 6th District.
The Republican Party establishment has had 22 years to find a candidate capable of beating Frank Pallone. The people of the 6th District have waited long enough.
This is the year we beat Frank Pallone and there is only one Republican who can do it; that Republican is Mayor Anna Little.
Vote for Mayor Little in the June 8th Republican primary tomorrow. This is the year.

To learn more about Anna Little and stay updated on future events visit her official website at: www.annalittleforcongress.com

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Anonymous said...

this is what happens when like-minded and principled folks get together and work hard: if nothing else, they have proved that message and guts, and tireless pressing forward, against great odds, is what made this country great: I applaud the Little camp, for doing much with "little"..and,you can hold your heads up high, after you've turned out every vote you can today, that you did the party, and Mrs. Gooch a favor, win or lose, by making them hone her skills, learn the district,and realize this is about real people, who need real help, now!!