Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Asbury Park Council Rejects Topless Beach

Keep your shirts on ladies.

The Asbury Park City Council voted down an ordinance that would have allowed women to sunbathe topless on the 8th Street beach.


James Hogan said...

But will TommyD still be moving forward with the No Pants Movement?

Anonymous said...

Must be a majority of gay men on the council.

Clearer heads spoke.. said...

whatever, thank goodness: the place is already embarassing enough, and always a pit full of bad votes for us, now!..

Anonymous said...

What a perfect picture to portray the historical and cultural significance of Asbury Park which has been 'on the map' for over a century!
Kudos to the council and concerned businesses that want to 'keep their shirts on' as they promote healthy family and community ventures. Thankfully the exhibitionists and paraders have realized they can express themselves on Sandy Hook or travel to other exotic beaches. The Asbury north beach already has its special attractions and should be kept natural for the birds, fishermen, surfers and children without the obstructed view of condos or extra pounds of flesh.