Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sipprelle Assails DNC Plan to Recruit Political Stalkers

Princeton, July 7, 2010 – Republican congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle (NJ-12) today assailed a recently announced Democratic National Committee (DNC) plan to recruit video trackers to follow around Republican congressional candidates during this year’s campaigns and challenged his opponent, Congressman Rush Holt, to repudiate it.

“The DNC strategy of recruiting political stalkers is a cynical plan that will only worsen an already toxic political environment – and I challenge Rush Holt to repudiate this tactic immediately,” said Sipprelle, who said his campaign does not and will not employ trackers. “While our economy is crashing, our county is drowning in debt, and the Pelosi-Holt Congress is refusing to pass a budget, the DNC is focused on gotcha politics. It’s a disgrace.”

Sipprelle said that if Congressman Holt, as he claims, wants to reduce the level of cynicism in politics then he should take a stand against his party bosses today.

“Congressman Holt should categorically repudiate this cynical effort, vow not to employ it in his campaign and prohibit national and local Democrats from doing it on his behalf,” challenged Sipprelle. “Our country is in desperate need of a more effective political discourse and an unfettered, healthy debate on the issues. Instead, the DNC’s actions will only serve to chill public discussion and encourage disruptive, disrespectful behavior on both sides of the aisle. The American people deserve better.”


MMM has learned that Rush Holt is considering banning stalkers from New Jersey's 12th congressional district on the condition that Sipprelle persuades Rhoda Chodosh never to attend another Town Hall meeting and persuades MMM to never again post this video:


Baba said...

That's pretty silly there...both sides of the fence use trackers.

If you can't beat em, join em. Get back on message there Scott, and get a tracker too.

Anonymous said...

I think Scott is right that it shows the cyncism of the Dems and their unwillingness to actually discuss the problems facing the county. Challenging Holt to repudiate the tactic is win-win for Scott IMHO.

But I actually think stalkers are much, much more likely to catch stupid Holt saying and doing damaging stuff if Scott were to use them:-)

Anonymous said...

Who needs a "tracker" if good citizen Rhoda is on the case? The problem is that Holt won't expose himself to the public. He only dares hold "telephone town halls" with prescreened and scripted questions. We won't catch Holt off-message the rest of this campaign as he is in hiding.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure rush holt doesent care what MMM does or doesent do, he still wins with 60% of the vote. Bill Spadea knocked on every door in 2004, a good year for Bush, got 40.5% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:34 - things are a lot differrent than 2004. There was no Tea Party, no Obama, Pelosi, Reid destroying the country and no anger toward Holt the way there is now. Holt will get crushed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:34 - things are a lot differrent than 2004. There was no Tea Party, no Obama, Pelosi, Reid destroying the country and no anger toward Holt the way there is now. Holt will get crushed.

Anonymous said...

Holt the Hypocrite needs to be exposed for every single act. He talks like a moderate when he's home and votes like a Pelosi in DC. Talks like he is shocked by the cynical side of politics, but in his private moments is a vicious hack of the first degree. This is not off IS the message.

Trochilus said...

The context of Scott Sipprelle's comment about the hiring of political stalkers is his focus on the serious state of the American economic, observing, among other things, that "the Pelosi-Holt Congress is refusing to pass a budget." While that may seem a bit remote to some, it is actually quite pertinent.

Scott is pointing out that Rush Holt and the Democrats have absolutely failed to do their job for the American people, having adopting policies that have actually stalled the economy, and locked in high unemployment.

But in order to keep his own job, Rush Holt sees no problem in hiring a troop of nasty little political Hessians to do his dirty work for him -- by stalking his opponent!

Regarding the Democrat failure to pass a federal budget, on July 1st, Rush Holt voted for a House resolution the other day which stated that it "deemed as passed" a $1.12 trillion dollar budget -- even though no such budget exists!

The specific vote on that resolution itself, attached thereby as a rider to the war supplemental emergency, was actually pretty close -- (215 - 210) with Rush Holt voting "Yes" right there in lock-step with Speaker Pelosi. Mostly out of fear, I suppose, 38 House Ds voted with all the Rs against that resolution.

But Rush Holt volunteered to help Nancy put it over the top. Thanks for nothing, Rush!

The practical reality is that it allows the Democrat majority to begin spending the money from the huge tax increase they passed before it even kicks in!

Once again, Holt and the Democrats are giving themselves illicit permission to borrow against our future, without first fulfilling the plain constitutional requirement of authorizing the expenditures through the adoption of a budget.

And Holt's little hired political Hessians will be dispatched to harass his opponent, and help him get away with it.

Trochilus said...


It should read, "having adopted policies . . ."

Trochilus said...

Ooops -- and "economy" (not "economic). Time for a cup of coffee, I guess!

TR said...

Don't assail it emulate it!