Monday, July 19, 2010

Caption Contest

Scott Sipprelle is asking his facebook friends to provide a caption for this photo.

So far the best entry is from Manalapan's Butch Budai, "Rhoda, I'm not listening anyway so give me my microphone back!!

Join in the fun at facebook by clicking here or simply leave a comment on this post.


Freespeaker76 said...

Simply Put, "Hear No Evil," or you could go with "Dr. Hear No Evil."

No copy right infringments Art, like with Phoney Palloney :)

Anonymous said...

Where are the other monkeys Pallone see no evil and lautenberg speak lots of evil.

Anonymous said...

"Why can't they just shut up? I'm not interested in what they say!"

Anonymous said...

Great job Sipprelle.
Scott is now upgraded to contender status in CD 12.