Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Clear Politics: CD-12 Trending Towards Sipprelle

Princeton, July 19, 2010 – National political pundits have been busy keeping an eye on New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District race, and their analysis isn’t good news for incumbent Congressman Rush Holt, said Scott Sipprelle’s campaign today.

The Real Clear Politics House Elections Maps can be seen by clicking here:

“Real Clear Politics’ decision to move this race from ‘Safe Dem’ to ‘Lean Dem’ since Scott Sipprelle emerged as the candidate to challenge Rush Holt reflects exactly the kind of momentum shift we are seeing on the ground every time Scott shakes a hand or speaks to a crowd,” said Sipprelle General Consultant Chris Russell. “Scott’s profile as a businessman with a real plan to create jobs has voters gravitating towards him more and more each day. Rush Holt represents the kind of inside-the-beltway, hyper-partisan political insider that average voters are fed up with and looking to send into retirement.”

Sipprelle said the analysis reinforces what he sees on the trail.

“People are frustrated with a broken political process that excels in re-electing incumbents, but not solving the critical problems facing our nation,” said Sipprelle. “As I visit diners, walk street fairs, speak to citizen groups and welcome volunteers literally walking off the street into my campaign headquarters, the refrain from all of them is a common one: Rush Holt, like so many other career politicians, has simply lost touch with the people he used to connect with. He’s now more concerned with pleasing his party bosses than he is with listening to his constituents.”

Russell used the opportunity to highlight Holt’s continued refusal to debate.

“Rush Holt continues to ignore the strong desire of his constituents for a serious discussion of the issues,” said Russell. “Today marks the 107th day since Scott first challenged the Congressman to debate and all we get in response are more stalling tactics from Rush Holt and his handlers. It’s time they stop hiding and give the voters of this district the kind of campaign they deserve.”

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