Monday, July 19, 2010

Congressional Candidate Anna Little Faults Frank Pallone's Anti-Employment Agenda

As NJ's jobless claims rise faster than any other state, Pallone/Pelosi policies makes the problem worse

Highlands, NJ – The Associated Press reported that jobless claims rose faster in New Jersey than in any other state the week of July 8th, 2010. As out-of-control government scares business and investment out of our state and out of our nation, the jobs they created disappear and so do the quick-fading notions of "economic recovery."

Mayor Anna Little, Republican Nominee for Congress in New Jersey's 6th District challenging twenty-two year progressive incumbent Frank Pallone, knows that Pallone and Nancy Pelosi are only making the problem worse.

“The Federal Government, by excessive borrowing, taxing, spending and regulating is doing precisely the opposite of what should be done to allow our economy to thrive,” Little said. “The Government needs to get out of the way of the private sector economy.”

Pallone has received consistent F’s from the National Taxpayers Union for the past twelve years. Source:

Another 8,000 New Jersey residents, newly unemployed, began claiming unemployment benefits during the week ending June 26, the Labor Department reported.
Frank Pallone and Nancy Pelosi think that unemployment checks issued to these 8,000, as well the other 9.7% of New Jersey's workforce, will pull us out of recession. Their failed policies have not worked and will not work.

"A thriving private sector is what will put New Jersey residents back to work," said Little, "Private sector growth is being actively thwarted by the Pallone-Pelosi-Obama agenda that promises the largest tax increase in history as Pallone’s radical health care scheme is implemented this January. New Jersey's 6th district and America needs new leadership in Washington that understands that government does not and cannot create jobs."


Anonymous said...

have any of these stupid non-newsworthy press releases been picked up by anyone but this blog or is it the big liberal bias?

Susan said...

Anonymous, there are several news websites publishing these press releases. Gee, they must find them newsworthy! You can search them out, it just takes a little intelligent ingenuity! May I make a suggestion. Let's may want to try "Politicker."