Monday, July 19, 2010


The grassroots members of sevral Tea Party Groups around the nation want to thank the moderate forces within the NAACP for seeing that the Resolution passed by the NAACP does not label and libel the entire Tea Party Movement. We see this as progress. Those men and women can proudly carry the NAACP banner of past successes and achievement. We look forward to working with you in the future.

However, we emphatically deny that there are existing Tea Party racist leaders based upon the facts. Those facts being no one inside the Tea Party Movement can identify any person fitting the parameters the NAACP announced. Further, we challenge the NAACP to identify those leaders or those bona fide Tea Party Groups publicly taking a racist position or making racist statements. The Tea Party Groups do not sponsor, support, encourage or even ignore racists.

The Tea Party position of not harboring or defending racists looks more honest than the NAACP itself. Where are the NAACP condemnations for the racist New Black Panther Party? Where are the NAACP Resolutions denouncing the overtly racist and yes evil, statements recently publicized by the NBPP? Why the silence? We don’t know but we are asking.

Until the NAACP publicly responds to issues of black racism they will merely be regarded as just another partisan crew with a single agenda. When the NAACP addresses racism in an honest manner we look forward to joining forces with them and tackling the issues of racism from all quarters and every source. Imagine the Tea Party Groups and the NAACP genuinely and sincerely advancing the cause of all Americans. What a great time that would be. We are waiting for you.

The below Tea Party groups have consented to support and release this message.

Bayshore Tea Party Group/Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots/Americans For Liberty/Ocean County Citizens For Freedom/Maine Tea Party Patriots/Tea Party Patriots Of South Jersey/Vermont Tea Party/Utah Tea Party Patriots/Kitchen Table Patriots (PA)/RecallNJ, the Recall movement against Senator Menendez/

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Anonymous said...

WHEN will the NAACP publicly apologize to every person of white skin color (ok, not white, but more pinkish) for the racist comments at a local NAACP meeting by Shirley Sherrod(who is black), the now former Georgia Director of the USDA?

WILL the NAACP stand up and condemn the racist New Black Panther Party (I know, they only advocate killing blue-eyed babies and white women ("manufacturing plants for future oppressors"))?

WILL Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, resign over his double standards of racism - it seems if you are a black racist, you get a pass?

RACISM is RACISM, directed at anyone due to their racial background. That is both morally repugnant and unacceptable. Unless the government is truly color blind, liberty, freedom and justice will soon be lost for all.