Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's Give Anna a Little Boost

When I posted the latest Ten Buck Friday poll on Sunday evening, Anna Little was already trailing badly, with only 7% of the vote. Since then she's narrowed the gap substantially and has 15%, 214 votes of the 1448 cast.

Here's the idea of the TBF poll; Every Sunday RightKlick publishes a poll of conservative congressional candidates throughout the country. Conservative bloggers throughout the country post the poll on their blogs. Voting is cumulative throughout all the blogs participating. On Friday,payday is the idea, the winner of the poll is announced and blog readers are asked to contribute $10 to the winning candidate.

This is a way for those who might not be able to make a large donation all at once to contribute $10 per week to help retire the Pelosi Congress.

So far this week Chip Cravaak (MN-8) is running away with it with 508 votes (36%).

If every MMM reader votes for Anna Little, she will win. If Save Jersey and Conservatives with Attitude stop squabbling and join the cause of retiring the architect of ObamaCare...just for this week...Anna will bury the field.

Your vote will make a difference. So will you donatation.

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