Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You're Invited

Please Join Senator Joe Kyrillos

Monmouth and Middlesex County Chairmen Joe Oxley and Sam Thompson

Senator Sean Kean, Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon and Assemblyman David Rible

for a cocktail reception honoring

Anna Little

at the PNC Bank Arts Center's Robert Meyner Reception Center in Holmdel, NJ on August 11th, 2010 from 6:00-8:00 PM.

$125 per person

RSVP & Information: Maria Caputo
(732) 383-5131

An individual may contribute up to $2,400 for the Primary Election and up to $2,400 for the General Election for a total of
$4,800 (or $9,600 per couple.) A Multi-Candidate PAC may contribute up to $5,000 for the Primary Election and up to $5,000
for the General Election.

Corporate checks including professional corporations (P.C. or P.A.) are prohibited.

Partnership checks including LLC's are acceptable. Unincorporated partners, who are not Foreign Nationals must provide with
their contribution a written statement listing the names of the contributing partners and the amount to be attributed to each.
Contributions to Anna Little for Congress are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
Campaigns may not accept contributions from foreign nationals. Please do not send cash.


Anonymous said...

Nice list of establishment names.
Where were they all on Memorial Day? Gooching it up!
Anna's win will make them credible again.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous - are you still fighting the primary? Who gives a bleep where they were on Memorial Day? Would you rather those people didn't support Anna? Here's a news flash for you - Anna needs every vote and pocket of support she can get. Instead of taking jabs at these people, you should pat them on the back for uniting and showing such support for Anna. We haven't won anything yet, and instead of being petty, bitter and childish you may want to do your part to unite against the real enemy, Frank Pallone. I hope to God you are not in the Tea Party - we don't need that type of ignorant divisiveness as we try to save our country.

Anonymous said...

The squeals of a RINO.
No tea party=Gooch vs Pallone
which would give him another term.
This year we get Anna in, next
year we sweep out the RINOS. The
tea party is the only thing saving
us from one party rule

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:26PM
I don't believe the establishment has any other choice but to support Anna Little. And no, I am not a member of the Tea Party. Maybe I should join all those other ignorant people who gave us our best chance to beat Pallone.

Anonymous said...

Hey genius - I am a Tea Party member - just one who has his head screwed on straight. I love the movement and my fellow patriots, but I am also a realist who knows we can't go it alone. Your attitude is one that will keep us on the fringe and out of power. I want the Tea Party to grow, not stagnate. I want our message to dominate, not languish on the sidelines. I'll be at the event proudly showing my support for Anna and the rest of her supporters - ALL of them.

Anonymous said...

Great! I'll be there too!
Just look for the genius in the room with an attitude. Huh,come to think about it you just might have trouble picking me out.

Joe Hadden said...

So are those of us who are not Tea Party members allowed to vote for and support Anna Little or do we need to pass some test of purity?

Anna Little won with the votes from regular Republicans of the non Tea Party variety. Do you want to send those votes back? Do you think Anna can beat Frank Pallone without them?

I will vote for Anna Little. I will contribute to her campaign. I have already attempted to volunteer for her campaign. She's a worthy candidate.

As for the Tea Party, I've met many of their members who are intelligent, mature and thoughtful. Unfortunately, I've heard from too many who resort to divisive diatribes and self righteous rants.

Here's a little advice; denigrating people whose votes you need is probably not conducive to winning.

But, if that's how you want to go about spreading your gospel, good for you!

Anonymous said...

Exactly Joe - there are a few of my fellow Tea Party people who have such a chip on their shoulder, they seem to look for reasons to push people away from the cause. You get real, true long time conservatives who are not members, but are in perfect ideological sync and they will be labeled RINO and dismissed just because they haven't "proven" themselves to the narrow-minded. Instead of trying to grow our numbers, they are bent on pushing like-minded people away. I just don't get.

Anonymous said...

Art, if I pony up the $125, can I walk up to Mary Pat Angelini and ask her what she was smoking when she wrote that New Jersey's recently enacted medical marijuana law would "legally allow high school seniors to walk around carrying 240 joints?"

What was Mary Pat smoking?

Anonymous said...

You got it backwards. Anna won with the strong Tea Party movement and many Republicans who were disatisfied with the establishments selection.

Anonymous said...

Art, if I pony up the $125, can I ask Senator Beck, Assemblywowan Handlin, Assemblywoman Angelini and Assemblyman Rible why they voted to limit my Second Amendment rights? Remind me again: These are Republicans we are talking about, right?

One Gun A Month Passes In New Jersey

All Together Now said...

agree, the purpose of the Primary was met, the candidate with the most votes became our REP.nominee, and I,too, am getting tired of the mental and verbal "scoresheet" some seem to be keeping as we move through this long, hot summer!.... the Teas need org. help in learning how to campaign, the org. folks need to be a little more patient and welcoming, and everybody had better focus on unification and defeating ALL Dems, from Anna, Scott, and Chris, right on down column 1, this Nov.,or this country's simply over.. it is that serious and critical to NOT let anyone deter us from our united goal of VICTORY!.. see you all at the Anna event, and at the Gala before it!...