Friday, July 16, 2010

More Proof That Frank Pallone Is Worried

Phoney Palloney is begging for money and volunteers!

Following up on Tommy DeSeno's piece earlier this week, Proof That Frank Pallone Is Worried, a loyal reader fowarded this email from Frank Pallone:

Since my first run for council in my hometown of Long Branch, one thing has remained constant in each campaign we’ve waged together: volunteers have always been an integral part of our victories. Simply put, without your hard work, dedication and support I wouldn’t be able to fight for jobs, expand healthcare and continue to protect our environment.

This year, I’m being challenged by a radical, self-proclaimed “tea party approved” candidate. My opponent wants to roll back all we’ve accomplished…she even believes we should expand offshore drilling!

Over the coming months, I need your help to take on this challenge. I hope you’ll consider volunteering for our campaign over the summer. We are hosting phone banks in our Long Branch office every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Will you join us and encourage other supporters to get involved? Even a few hours a week can make a meaningful difference.

If you can’t make it in to our office, there are other ways you can pitch in:

Suggest that your friends “like” my Facebook page so they can stay up to date on the work I’m doing in Washington and throughout the 6th Congressional District.

Follow me on Twitter.

Make a secure online donation, so we have the funds needed to fight back against the smear machine that is surely coming our way. Even $25 can make a huge difference.

The fight this year is going to be as toughand as important – as ever. I hope you will join our team as we work towards victory in November.


Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.

P.S. Can I count on you to forward this e-mail to five friends so we can grow our volunteer ranks this Summer and get our team trained for the challenge we face this Fall?

Pallone has $4 million dollars and he's asking for $25 contributions! It has been so long since he's had a credible challenger that he obviously no longer has a ground game. He needs to train he's volunteers. Advantage Anna Little.

Donate to Anna Little's campaign for Congress here.

Sign up to volunteer for Little's campaign here.


ambrosiajr said...

That's fairly standard Art. I did phone calls for the Congressman a few cycles back when opponents were no where to be found. Its SOP and nothing new. But hey, nice spin.

an exercise in futility.. said...

how not spin it is!: it's a sham to pretend he ever had many real volunteers, when everyone who can see and read knows perfectly well the guy has ALWAYS bought his support, by paying (ouside)big bucks to the unions, and thugs, to tear down opponents' signs, follow peoples' kids home from school,knock and drag in the projects, then hand them $10, 20, 50 bucks, as "walkers,or camp. volunteers" on the ELEC reports, or a meal, or pack of cigarettes for going in, (sometimes after being transported),pulling the lever/pressing the button, now, just for him..yes, it's a typical type of letter, but in his case, another example of "phoney Palloney".. with a LITTLE luck in 2010, it'll be the last time, though..

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Can this fool be any more clownish? And I'm talking about Frank, not ambrosia...who is equally clownish.

"Radical"? Really Frank?

"Fighting for jobs...?

That is the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time.

Dude...this race may be easier than I thought.

Mark said...

I wanted to thank Frank for giving the Tea Parties information on when/where we can show up. Expect a well attended Tea Party soon. The LB location is excellent for us Monmouth County groups to enlist support from Ocean/Mercer county Tea Parties. Let's have some fun!

Freespeaker76 said...


I think I coined the term Phoney Palloney, WITH the Y at the end.

I want my royalties :)

Art Gallagher said...

Freespeaker76 said...

I think I coined the term Phoney Palloney, WITH the Y at the end.

I want my royalties :)

Well Freespeaker76, I thought it up on my own. Great minds...

And I'm making it famous. :-)

But in recognition of thinking like me, you are hereby awarded a free 6 week subscription to MoreMonmouthMusings.

Frespeaker76 said...

You know I would rather have a phone call, one that never happend