Friday, July 16, 2010

Wall, Bateman Not Applying For Holmdel Job

Holmdel Township has a vacancy for township administrator. Currently, the retired administrator and the retired police chief are each sharing the job part time, according the an article in the Asbury Park Press.

On paper, Terence Wall would be a natural for that job. Wall, a former long time Holmdel Township Committee member was the borough administrator of Keansburg from February of 2005 through September of 2007. Since November of 2007 he has been the borough administrator of North Arlington in Bergen County where he also serves as borough clerk and purchasing officer.

Wall, once a prominent presence in Monmouth County politics, told MoreMonmouthMusings that he is "exceptionally happy" serving in North Arlington where he is thriving.

Alan Bateman, also a former long time Holmdel Township Committee member, just off a tough primary defeat against Congressman Chris Smith in CD-4, told us that the job "crossed his mind" but that his consulting business is beginning to open up now that he is off the campaign trail and that he his not going to apply for the position.


Wall fan said...

Terence is a smart, loyal, articulate leader,as well as a proud and devoted husband and dad to three gorgeous little girls!.. it was a crying shame he was bypassed for the freeholder nod, a few years back.. we need him back active in our county, IMHO.... would love to support him for any future upcoming jobs where we need a bright,did I mention loyal, politically-savvy Republican minding the store, staving off hostile Dems, press and public, and doing the right thing for taxpayers and our party, as well!!!.. far too many in gov't. today think they're "above it all," and have no clue on how to wade through the egos, agendas, and everyday politics, and all the decisions that have such impact!.. don't know Alan very well, but support his consevative values,and wish him and his family well..

From Holmdel said...

There is no way either of them would work under the micro-mismanagement of the democrats or for the incompetent, indecisive Serena DiMaso.