Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama Likes New Jersey In July

President Obama is coming back to New Jersey.

He will be at the Tastee Sub Shop in Edison tomorrow afternoon to talk up the economy. New Jersey's economy used to be known for pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing. Ford Ranger pickups used to be assembled in Edison.

The city's namesake, Thomas Alva Edison, patented approximately 400 inventions, including the phonograph and devices for electric light and power generation, and he revolutionized the process of invention itself in the Menlo Park section, then a tiny village, now a shopping mall.

Tomorrow, the President of the United State will come to Edison to celebrate the jobs created in the Sub Shop industry. When he gets back to Washington, the President will have some splainin' to do to his wife and mother-in-law, the champions of the anti-obesity movement.

Obama didn't learn anything from his previous July visit to New Jersey. As I predicted after the President came to the PNC Arts Center to boost Jon Corzine's campaign last year, the visit was the beginning of the end of his popularity. Since then his popularity has steadily declined, as America followed New Jersey's lead in seeing through his BS. Cynical New Jersey residents put up with or ignore politicians' BS when economic times are good. We always see through it, but when times are bad we don't put up with it.

Just as Obama's visit last July did more for Chris Christie than it did for Jon Corzine, his visit tomorrow will boost the campaigns of Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle for congress. There won't be any Obama/Pallone or Obama/Holt signs like there were Obama/Corzine signs last year, but the effect will be the same. Obama's visit to Edison will be a boost for the Little and Sipprelle campaigns.

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