Thursday, July 08, 2010

Poll: Who is the most effective Congressman in NJ?

Politickernj has a poll up, Who is the most effective U.S. Congressman in the New Jersey delegation?

So far Frank Pallone is winning. Rush Holt is #2.

Let's fix that. Find the poll here.


Anonymous said...

Politicker NJ is literally a laughing stock. Sorry, there's just no way around that fact.

Pathetic to the max said...

they've really gone down hill from the beginning,when "Wally Edge" had historical facts and perspective to add to current news..they unfortunately have become little more than a partisan press release list and a gossip-rag, a free mouthpiece for their favored-few, and break the first rule of newspeople: they are very sloppy on checking their facts!..agree-an irrelevant and sad way to find out what Trenton does to us every week!