Thursday, July 08, 2010

Senators Almost Come To Blows

Politickernj is reporting that State Senators Mike Doherty and Ray Lesniak had to be separated on the Senate floor this afternoon after Lesniak threatened to "pop" Doherty, a former West Point boxer.

Senator Richard Codey, the former Governor, held back Doherty and called it a bonding experience.

Given Lesniak's involvement, a clarification is in order. The words "blow" and "pop" mean "punch" in this piece.

2 comments: said...

Let's goad them into a charity boxing match.

We can find out if Lesniak is really a finisher or just a talker.

Trochilus said...

Well . . . Acting Governor, anyway (Codey).

There is good reason to believe the "bonding experience" Codey says he felt was with Lesniak, not Mike Doherty . . . simply because if Ray had been foolish enough to take a shot at Mike, Ray would have ended up on the loosing end of that exchange!

Mike Doherty is way too much of a gentleman to have ever started a physical altercation of any kind. But I'm also pretty damned sure he would not have -- to his detriment -- suffered a sucker punch thrown by a jerk like Lesniak.