Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When is Frank Pallone's Town Hall Meeting?

Does anyone know? Is he having any?

He had such high turnout at his meetings last summer, you would think he'd do it again.

Among the highlights of last summer's town hall meetings, Pallone proudly telling his constituents that he was the author of the health care bill...that it was his bill, not Nancy Pelosi's or President Obama's. He told his constituents that he stands with Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman over his constituents who oppose his health care reform.

Unlike his colleagues who lose their cool in the face of angry constituents, like Steve Rothman and Rush Holt, Pallone keeps his cool and giggles.

With all that confidence, why not have the meetings this summer?

Call Frank Pallone's office at 888-423-1140 and ask when and where his town hall meetings will be.


Freespeaker76 said...

They are carefully screening their calls, asking for a name first and if I was from an organization. Then, I was put on hold.

Pam came on and I was told nothing has been set, please keep checking back.

They are HIDING!

Hand him a shovel, is digging his own grave.. said...

what a sad and silly joke this guy is:he used to hold them at post offices,where 5 or 10 would have to see him, when they came in to buy a stamp, and then he'd do his free "newsletter," telling everyone, at their expense, how hard he's working for them..no substance, just fluff.. he is and has always been a phony,sham, lightweight, and yes, "empty suit," who rode his "green wave" to a fat DC life and retirement.. even when we call his number out this year and dump him, he'll then start collecting it all, but, at least Anna will be voting a resounding "NO" on any more of this Pelosi/Pallone liberal claptrap!!.. can't WAIT til he's over!! ( and, remember, when we vote him out for Congress, we'll be finishing off his next dream of replacing Lousenberg: a real, big "two-fer"!!!)