Sunday, August 29, 2010

190 $1 million + Homes For Sale In Rumson Area

So says this article in today's NY Post.

If Obama, Pelosi, Pallone and Co let the "Bush tax cuts" on the rich expire, how many "rich" will be left to pay the increase?


ambrosiajr said...

Wrong...according to MLS and my real estate expert...there are only 66 currentyl active $1MM-$20MM homes for sale in Rumson. So, what's your point here?

ambrosiajr said...

Also, one of the homes listed is on less than half an acre for $1,175,000. Not exactly your CEO type. Some of these homes were purchased years ago and the owners are now looking to cash in and unload due to the rising real estate taxes, especially now since your boy cut out all rebates and drastically cut municipal aid. You need to do a little more research before you start blasting away.

Art Gallagher said...

Who's "blasting away" Rick?

What's your point?

All I did was point to the article in the NY Post, which it appears you didn't read, and ask a question.

A realtor friend of mine just emailed me saying, "The number of 190 homes for sale over a million in the Rumson area is probably close depending on how you define the area. Currently 67 in Rumson, 23 in Fair Haven, 51 in Middletown, and 2 in Little Silver. A large number have expired because they could not sell them."

The NY Post article you didn't read cites the web site as its source. The article said there are a 100 homes in Rumson on the market for $1 million or more and that the number jumps to 190 is you go out 1 mile from Rumson's borders. That doesn't include private sales, foreclosures and quiet bank sales, says the NY Post.

The Post article quotes a woman who is thinking of throwing her Porshe and "herself" in with a deal to sell her home. That ought to be a interesting open house. Lots of traffic but not too many couples, I bet.

The article quotes someone else who says there's a new class of people in Rumson, "the formerly rich."

My point is that I don't think there are as many "rich" left to raise taxes on as the Obama/Pelosi/Pallone crowd thinks there is. I think tax increases will be counter productive.

I think less government, not expanded government will stimulate the economy.

Lenin said...

The dictatorship of the proletariat, i.e., the organization of the vanguard of the oppressed as the ruling class for the purpose of suppressing the oppressors, cannot result merely in an expansion of democracy. Simultaneously with an immense expansion of democracy, which for the first time becomes democracy for the poor, democracy for the people, and not democracy for the money-bags, the dictatorship of the proletariat imposes a series of restrictions on the freedom of the oppressors, the exploiters, the capitalists.

Lenin, State and Revolution

Joe Schilp said...

Ambrosiajr, I drove through Rumson about 2 months ago and was absolutely alarmed at the number of "For Sale" signs I saw.

There are 2,452 households in Rumson, so 190 for sale means that 7% of the towns homes are on the market - a scary number to say the least.

But don't believe me, drive through yourself!

Anonymous said...

My family has owned a summer home in Bay Head for 45 years. No one in the family can afford the taxes and maintenance anymore, so the house is for sale. It is worth well over $1 million as it is on the Bay. The problem is, there are many 'for sale' signs in the same neighborhood. NY Times, 6/6/10, "“A lot of the best, most unique properties that have been held by families for a very long time — sometimes for generations — have come on the market over the past year or so,” said Shawn Clayton of the Clayton & Clayton agency in Bay Head, which is in Ocean County. “One of the reasons could certainly be that the sellers’ circumstances have changed.” " You can ridicule people in this situation if you want, but the point is it is not something made up. The NYT headline on the story containing the above quote indicates things are looking up, the quote above saying the reverse about Bay Head is within the article. "A Rising Tide in Waterfront Values."

Harvey V. Hyena said...

Man if I only had some cash i would be snapping up bargains

Undecided Voter said...

Just a few days ago, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that our national debt is the biggest threat to our national security.

What's your plan, Art, for eliminating our $1 trillion + annual budget deficts? What's your plan for paying down our enormous $13 trillion national debt? More importantly, what is Anna Little's plan for eliminating our budget deficits? It seems like every time I hear her speak, she is proposing cutting taxes. I never hear her explain how she is going to cut taxes and balance our Federal budget. Is she proposing making over $1 trillion dollar in annual budget cuts? If so, what specific cuts is she going to make.

Mullen: National Debt Is A Security Threat

US National Debt Clock

it's gettin' too scary.. said...

we are now at 1 in 6 on some kind of gov't. dole/program.. when all the boomers retire,and the few working kids are left, WHO will be left to pay for everything??..the "rich" have gone by the Dems' definitions (of all but themselves), as millionaires, to those who earn $250,000, gross, not net, ( like a tiny fam business), to $100,000, gross, not net, which is any middle-income couple who still have been able to have/keep a job: it's disgusting, the re-disribution- acceleration that has been increased, at horrific rates, these past 18 months alone, by these elitist slobs who do fine as the ruling class, but the hell with ANYbody who has personally EARNED ANYthing: if it's income, grab more of it- if it's land, steal it and give it away- if it's a job, proffer more "class-warfare", and continue to regulate the hell out of every aspect of our lives!..then, when ya die, steal what's yours away from your kids, too.. yes, it's been building over DECADES, but, now, adding to it all has failed, and made things worse than ever: am sure any sensible candidate is saying:start with keeping/giving tax cuts, so the "rich" will stay, and hire, and buy more goods, and expand their production, the economy grows faster,etc..a "win-win",get it?..stop paying people to NOT work.. stop giving them my money for THEIR down payments while I lose MY home..: " the problem with socialists is that YOU EVENTUALLY RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES' MONEY"!.. WE ARE MORE THAN THERE, SO STOP THE CRAP, AND WAKE UP!