Monday, August 30, 2010


CNN's Soledad O'Brien will interview GOP congressional candidate Anna Little this morning in Ocean Grove as she goes door to door with a contingent of volunteers.

O'Brien will interview Congressman Frank Pallone this afternoon, according to Politickernj.


Anonymous said...

Hope she stops in Days Ice Cream Parlor. Outstanding!

the Little engine that CAN said...

anytime a challenger can get some face time on a major station is a plus- am sure she did fine, despite the fact that the lefty CNN will spin for Palloney,but, the real coverage would be if/when she gets on Fox, since very few people watch CNN any more, anyhow! go, girl..

Michael said...

there was over 100 members of Anna's Army there to greet Soledad O'Brien and her camera crew this morning!

We're still about 10 weeks from the election, and the army is growing exponentially. Just think how large it'll be in the last 72 hours?!

Fast learner! said...

good point, Michael: take Election Day, and decide what we're gonna do to win, then work backwards, so we pull out every stop, and blow him away, Nov. 2!..