Monday, August 30, 2010


The Power Is Back On In Belford, Not In Highlands

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden just reported from the Emergency Management Center in Freehold that JCPL is restoring the power to Monmouth County in stages, from Belmar north.

Golden said that power throughout the county is expected to be restored within 1.5
hours, or by 9PM.

In an earlier report to the Asbury Park Press, the Sheriff's Department said a Tinton Falls power substation near the Earle Navy base experienced a malfunction and is believed to be the source of the power outage that has hit most of Monmouth County and parts of Ocean County.

There are less significant outages in Middlesex, Hunterton, Somerset and Morris counties, according to First Energy's map.

First Energy's website has no restoration information.

UPDATE: 7:55PM First Energy now says that the majority of customers will have their power restored by 9PM, with the rest by midnight.

James Hogan reported at 5:20:

Update 5:20pm
Still no word from APP but a source (wink wink) indicates that Frank Pallone found out that Anna's Army was with CNN today working the streets of Neptune and he is now falling behind in polls. After learning that he'd be heading to an early retirement, he utilized his position on the House Energy and Commerce to turn off the power to NJ until November 3rd.

8:10 The power is on in Highlands.

UPDATE 12:13 AM, August 31

A reader from Shrewsbury says:

"Non-story my tuchus. Going on 9 hours and for no good reason other than JCPL pinching pennies on equipment. Never had outages like this when I was in PSGE territory. Listening to my neighbor's industrial generator all night and sweating my ass off because I can't open the windows or it will be even louder.

Its like we live in a third world country."


Anonymous said...

I love my Verizon air card and my laptop's battery strength. The power was out here in Neptune for less than two hours. This is a non-story, Art.

Art Gallagher said...

This is a non-story, Art.

When would it have become a story? After 4 hours, 6 hours, 12?

What is a story is that we lose power so often in this area, that you think losing it for 2 hours is no big deal.

I think it is a problem that every six to eight months there's a power outage in my area.

Anonymous said...

I hope he wins, and that Flippy is finally shown the door, but,perhaps, now that the power is restored, Golden should reconsider all the unnecessarytake home vehicles in his department. Scott isn't the only one by far, although, I am curious what a reporter needs a cop car for.

Freespeaker76 said...

A reader from Shrewsbury says:

"Non-story my tuchus. Going on 9 hours and for no good reason other than JCPL pinching pennies on equipment"

Mr. Shrewsbury, when power goes out, the power company has to re-route power, and then they turn it back on in stages, so that another cascading and worse black out doesn't occur. THAT'S why some towns get it back on early, and some later; depending on the electrical load the town requires.

Neptune City got it back early, the township later.

But, the real problem is that the WHOLE COUNTRY'S electrical grid is ancient. However, Obama and his regime have a solution for that; called "Cap & Trade." THAT'S the real problem we face

Capitalism: buy more batteries! said...

Freespeaker: precisely!.. if you think this one was a story or a non-story, no matter,wait til Obamanation wacks us with Cap and Tax..we already have Green Jersey at the ready, to count and tax our flushes!.. besides the bigger bills every single day, we'll wind up like Britain with their energy-police: "power-LESS"!