Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Schundler Admits $400 Million Goof

Denies Lying About It

Bret Schundler admits that he is responsible for the clerical error that cost New Jersey $400 million in federal "Race To The Top" education funding.

He doesn't remember making the error, but he accepts that he did because he has learned that the consultants the state paid $179K to assist with the application found the missing page with Schundler's handwriting on it. He knows he did it, but he doesn't remember doing it. That is plausible, but why does it matter what he remembers?

Schundler also doesn't remember misleading Governor Christie about attempting to correct the error with the U.S Department of Education.

Schundler said he didn't lie. He probably didn't outright lie. Yet, he was in a meeting with Christie reporting on the rejected application and discussing how the Governor would handle the situation with the press. When the Governor said he was going on the offensive and blaming Obama and the Education Department bureaucrats for not allowing the error to be corrected, Schundler should have warned against doing so in a way that was unforgettable. That's what a good team member would do.

Schundler said he told Christie in the prior to the press conference meeting that he did not give the USDOE the missing information. Deputy Chief of Staff Maria Comella said she was in the meeting at Schundler did not say that.

Someone has a memory problem.


Freespeaker76 said...

At this point, "who cares?" Though I liked Bret, & worked for his 2005campaign; he's now gone. Recriminations do nothing. Best to move forward and concentrate on the bigger problems in the state.

TR said...

The question remains how did the page go missing? Sabotage by a career liberal in the Department? Unfortunatly wie will probably never know.
We do know that if the NJEA had not refused to sign on to the plan the application would have had more then enough points to succeed even with the error. So the NJEA should shut its pie hole about this whole mess.

I love Schundler he is very smart and I do not beleive he would lie. Was he set up a second time by people within the Christy camp? (note I did not blame Christy himself) Maybe. Another question we will never know the answer too.

That being said he was not the right guy for this job. He is an idea guy not a manager. He also lacks a killer instinct. That is something you need to survive in the political enviornment he was in. In this administration there is room for only one idea guy.

It was unfortunatly a relationship that was doomed from the beginning

Anonymous said...

I know Bret Schundler very well.If you know him up close and personal like I do you would know how strong his faith is.I am not really sure what happened ,but I do feel badly for my old pal Bret.Bret you are always welcome at my place!When one door closes another opens.You were a great bond salesmen on Wall Street.If I'm right its only a stones throw from Jersey City.You did it before you can do it again.

Anonymous said...

Governor Rick Perry: Rejecting Race To The Top Funds Was An Easy Call

It's a shame we don't have a conservative governor here in New Jersey.

TR said...

Here is Schundlers unequivical statement to Politiker.com.
"He's saying I told him and his staff that I gave the missing grant application information to the reviewers," Schundler said. "But that is not true. I told him and his staff in no uncertain terms that I did NOT give the missing information to the reviewers. I was repeatedly clear. In effect, it boils down to him saying I told him something that I absolutely did not.

"The Governor is saying I misled him and that is absolutely untrue,"

I know Schundler . He screwed up and I do npot blame the Governor for firing him for that reason but I absolutly do not believe that he Lied.

Best wishes, and thanks for trying,Bret.. said...

all good observations: I am still concerned that our Gov. seems to be getting more testy and all-about himself.. I believe Schundler was not a "wanted" appointment in the 1st place, given the antagonism from the unions he got stuck dealing with, but a "bone" thrown conservatives, and that he was made an example of to others.. I do hope the Gov. doesn't give that job to Amy, though..we have enough RINO's in there, now!