Friday, August 13, 2010

All Press Is Good Press? Not Necessarily

Just ask former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards.

Then ask Howard Kleinhendler.

If Kleinhendler's name rings a bell, it could be because you read it in the Asbury Park Press this morning. He is an attorney who has represented alleged real estate scammer Ellayhu Weinstein.

Kleinhendler compared his own client to Bernie Madoff. According to transcripts of a taped phone conversation between Klenhendler and one the Weinstein's alleged victims who asked the attorney where his money went, Klendhendler said, "Well, ask Madoff. Where did his money go?"

Kleinhendler is also the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 4th district of New Jersey. He's challenging Chris Smith.

The Asbury Park Press coverage of the Weinstein story failed to mention Kleinhendler's candidacy.

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