Friday, August 13, 2010

Anna’s Army to blanket Aberdeen on Saturday

Anna Little’s unprecedented ground game continues in Aberdeen, NJ

Highlands, NJ—Having, at this point, knocked on over 5,000 of their neighbors doors in the 6th District from Dunellen, Matawan and South Amboy, dozens of volunteers for Republican nominee Anna Little will gather at the Town & Country Diner on Rt. 35 and Broadway in Keyport, NJ at 8:30 am before introducing nearly 4,000 constituents to the first legitimate threat to 22-year incumbent Frank Pallone.

Members of the Press and the general public are invited to attend and document this historic campaign. Anna Little will be present and will address the rally between 8:30 and 10:30.


Anonymous said...

This is really his first legitimate threat? Really?

Belford Boy said...

They said her political career was over!
They said she would never win the primary!

Now they say she won't win the general election.

THEY are wrong again.

Anonymous said...

Who's saying she won't win the election Belford Boy? everything I'm reading, especially on this blog, is saying she is going to win. Where are you hearing the opposite? I'm hearing nothing of the opposite. Anna is expected to win.

Belford Boy said...

read thr first comme anon11:16nt

Anonymous said...

I think the first comment is saying that Pallone has had prior legitimate threats-
However, never before has Pallone had to deal with a legitimate threat combined with the current anti incumbency enviroment. The economy is only going to deteriorate between now and November (since there is nothing being done to improve it, like dealing with the egregious tax hikes coming in 2011), and Pallone represents everything wrong with Washington, the Obama Administration, the disastrous healthcare bill, the self serving financial "reform" bill and the Pelosi/Reid/Obama/Pallone socialist agenda. This is the year to throw Pallone out for sure. I would vote for an actual donkey over any Democrat this year.