Friday, August 13, 2010

"Mad Money" Cramer: Christie Could Raise $500 Million Overnight

CNBC's Jersey Guy Jim Cramer says Wall Street's dream candidate for president in 2012 is NJ Governor Chris Christie.

"I can tell you that … every single guy on Wall Street is suddenly from New Jersey," Cramer said. "Chris Christie could raise $500 million tomorrow … Yes, for president of the United States!"

Note to Cramer: How about getting all those Jersey guys on Wall Street to get rid of their two most liberal members of congress first for only $10 million. $5 million for Anna Little and $5 million for Scott Sipprelle.


Anonymous said...

and maybe Gooch for VP

Anonymous said...

God help us !!

Anonymous said...

Cramer is the kiss of death !

Michael said...

Anna doesn't need $5M, she prob doesn't even need 1M, but it would make everyone breathe MUCH easier if she had 1M!