Thursday, August 26, 2010

Club For Growth: NJ 3, 6 & 12 In Play

By Art Gallagher

Club for Growth Executive Director David Keating ranks three New Jersey congressional districts, 3, 6 and 12 among his list of 103 congressional seats nationwide that are "most likely" to switch from Democratic to Republican representation in November.

Writing at CFG's Economic Freedom Blog, Keating constructed his list based on a "pundit average" of Cook, Rothenberg, Sabato and CQ, four pundits who are tracking congressional races, using his own computer rating to break ties.

NJ3's GOP candidate Jon Runyan ranks 47 on Keating's list. Anna Little (NJ-6) is number 73, and Scott Sipprelle (NJ-12) is number 101.

Building The New Majority President Bill Spadea said, "This is huge for Anna Little. It really does show that Anna's ground game is trumping early money in the game of expectations. Her poll numbers confirm that a retail campaign focused on direct voter contact is working to move the numbers." Spadea is a consultant to the Little campaign.

Little and Sipprelle should really be much higher on the list. Keating, Cook, Rothenberg, Sabato and CQ have yet to account for the MMM factor.

As you know because you're reading this, MMM is the place where Central Jersey Republican and Tea Party activists come to be informed and leave inspired.

Central Jersey Democrats come here to spy and argue. They leave either angry or demoralized but can't resist coming back and get many get converted, even if they don't admit it. This site is dangerous to Democrats.

Unfortunately for Runyon, MMM's influence does not yet extend to Eagles fans. He'll have to win without us.


Unknown said...

CD 12 will be turning "red" after soon Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

Little Government is Good Government.