Friday, August 20, 2010

Evil Physicists in Iran and in Washington

By Abram N. Spanel

Russia has committed to load uranium fuel into Iran’s Bushehr reactor. This final step to turning Iran into a nuclear nation is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday, August 21.

Most of the world realizes the extreme danger that Iran poses to global security. Iran's Ahmandinijad has repeatedly said that he intends to acquire nuclear weapons for offensive military purposes. Procuring nuclear weapons will enable Iran to achieve its almost daily declared aim of annihilating Israel as well as launching devastating nuclear attacks on Europe.

In early June 2010, 12 of the 15 members of the UN Security Council voted to impose sanctions on Iran. At the G-8 Summit in Toronto in late June 2010, a unanimous vote was cast which called for the full implementation of Resolution 1929 which authorizes fresh sanctions against Iran to rein in its nuclear program.

While the civilized world is to be commended for imposing such sanctions on Iran, there are a few holdouts such as North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and Rush Holt.

Rush Holt's press release regarding the House of Representatives voting to impose sanctions on Iran in late June stated, "The United States does not deny Iran’s lawful right to peacefully explore technologies for nuclear power." This is politician talk for “I support Iran’s bid to go nuclear,” and is akin to praising Josef Mengele for his research on the human anatomy.

Rush Holt cannot constantly boast of his being a physicist and also feign that he is ignorant of the carnage that nuclear weapons can inflict. There is nevertheless a silver-lining in the cloud: If Rush Holt wasn’t busy gorging on lobbyist money to fund his re-election bid, he would already be over in Iran, volunteering his talents as a physicist to put the final touches on Iran’s nuclear weapons programs.


ambrosiajr said... now Congressman Holt is compared to Josef Mengele...just like the Tea Partiers compare President Obama to Hitler...or Stalin...or any other murderous despot in history.

And you condone this?

Anonymous said...

Well, history does have a way
of repeating itself.........

ambrosiajr said...

You're right Anonymous maybe we should start to worry about those Tea Party Brownshirts that are all around the country.


Mark said...

Tea Party Brown shirts? Your talking out of the wrong hole. After tens of thousands of Tea Parties attended by tens of millions not one single solitary act of thuggery can be documented despite the corrupt media's attempt to do so.
Now you leftist on the other hand, have a long laundry list of thuggery and violence which the media attempts to conceal.
Obama himself calls for a civilian force as well trained and as well funded as the army. Will Rush Limbaugh be appointed a colonel if that Stalin/Hitler like wish were realized? Hell no, more like Bill Ayers who he has demolition experience. You do know your wasting your life defending the indefensible.

ambrosiajr said...

I can see now that sarcasm is above your pay grade Mark.

Anonymous said...

Actually if you read the article carefully he did not campare Holt to mengele in way shape or form. He compared praising Iran to praising mengele.

Of course just like a dem to twist the truth