Thursday, August 12, 2010

How's This For Change? Long Branch Has Republicans!

Thanks to James Hogan for the heads up on this earth shattering development!:

Ralph S. Treadway

Aug 5, 2010

Fellow Americans and Citizens of Long Branch:

The long overdue retirement of Congressman Frank Pallone is a matter
of justice delayed and of some importance to the future of America.
Since this worthy endeavor is not likely to get bipartisan support, a
small group of Long Branch Republicans are planning an in-formal
meeting to discuss how we can contribute to the cause of this
political careerist's retirement and his replacement by a working,
concerned American.

The meeting will be held at Tony's on Morris Ave on Thursday August
12, at 7:30pm

Not unconnected or unrelated to Mr. Pallone's retirement is the future
of Long Branch and federal, state and local government relations.

Please come and join us in a discussion of important issues and
planning for Mr Pallone's richly deserved and re??introduction to the
private economy

Thank you and looking forward to meeting you next week;


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Anonymous said...

We welcome you to campaign for
Anna Little to oust the Phoney