Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taxpayers Footing Bill for Holt Re-Election Campaign

Princeton, August 12, 2010 – Saying it underscores how completely out-of-touch Rush Holt (NJ-12) is with growing concerns about wasteful federal spending and government transparency, businessman Scott Sipprelle today criticized Holt for spending large amounts of taxpayer money to boost his re-election campaign and called on him to release up-to-date reports of his spending totals on so-called “constituent outreach.”

According to official government records, Congressman Holt spent $221,211 on largely unsolicited mass mailings, phone calls and emails between July 1, 2009 and March 31, 2010 in an effort to boost his favorable ratings with 12th District voters. The practice, while legal, raises ethical red flags and is in dire need of reform, said Sipprelle.

“Our country is facing record budget deficits, businesses cannot find loans, and jobs are nowhere to be found, but entrenched incumbents like Rush Holt think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money promoting their re-election under the guise of ‘keeping constituents informed,’ said Sipprelle. “This is just glaring example of a broken political system in dire need of comprehensive, bold reform.”

Additionally, Sipprelle called on Holt to publicly release how much taxpayer money he spent on “Mass Media” between April 1, 2010 and the beginning of the blackout period that prevents this type of activity 90 days before an election, which began last week.

“Anyone who lives in the 12th Congressional District has been on the receiving end of an accelerating barrage of communications from Congressman Holt that seemed to only intensify after I got into the race and he realized there was an obstacle blocking his assured re-election,” said Sipprelle. “What they probably didn’t know was it was their tax dollars paying for it. It’s incumbent upon him to release those numbers immediately, so his constituents can see the full impact that his self-promotion campaign has had on their pocketbooks.”

Sipprelle said a common-sense reform he would sponsor upon being sworn-in to Congress in January, is that the amount of money being spent by each Member of Congress on offices, staff, travel and mass media should be prominently listed on the home page of their congressional web site, so constituents could know in real-time the cost of their representative.

“Transparency is a terrific disinfectant,” said Sipprelle. “And Washington needs a healthy dose of it right away.”


db said...

he he he......

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have a nifty Summer Report from Mr. Holt here on my desk. It says "Official Business: This mailing was prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense"

Since I spent from June of '09 - March of '10 calling and writing for him to vote no on the Healthcare Bill, I don't understand why he thinks he's "Representing Me" (and why he's making me pay for it, for that matter!)

Anonymous said...

I called Rush Holt to insist he vote for Health care reform. He represents me and most of the sane people out there.
At 8AM he answered his own phone and personally talked to me.
He is intelligent and hard working.
I'm proud that he is my congressman.
Why shouldn't he send out a mailer?
He has to. There is too much propaganda out there to try and discredit him.
Keep of the good work Rush!!!
Thanks for voting for the bill to hire back 3900 teachers who were let go to the budget cuts. This was paid for from getting rid of the loop hole for companies out sourcing to foreign countries.
Like I said, too much lying and misinformation out there. The silent majority is speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Rush Holt answering his own phone at 8 AM? What a total crock. Give us that phone number and let others try. Holt should be allowed to send out anything he wants--just not at taxpayer expense. Saved teachers' jobs? Fine, but how about their saving their own jobs by foregoing raises and paying a portion of their health care as people in the private sector do? This is a total puff piece right out of Holt's congressional campaign office--and paid for by the taxpayers. The silent majority is getting reamed!

Anonymous said...

The silent majority will be silent no longer. We will not tolerate Rush Holt's deceptions and willful destruction of American prosperity built through WORK over many generations. Rush...YOU ARE FIRED!