Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Kyrillos Does Robo Call for Anna Little Event

"Come out and support Anna Little. We need change in Washington and we all have a responsibility to do our part."

If there is anyone still wondering if the GOP establishment is 100% behind Anna Little's campaign for Congress, you can give up on that cynical thought right now.

Not only is Senator Joe Kyrillos headlining a fundraiser for Little which is co-hosted by the Monmouth and Middlesex GOP chairs and the Monmouth Legislative delegation, Kyrillos had a robo call promoting the event today. I don't remember ever getting a robo call for a fundraiser before.

The event is next Wednesday, August 11 at the PNC Arts Center. Call Maria at 917-848-7750 for additional information and to reserve your ticket.


Mark said...

Finally, the GOP may be seeing the light. We do want to work with the GOP, not battle them. Battle them we will if they do not embrace constitutional principles. One of the hottest topics of discussion within the Tea Party groups is whether to form a 3rd party. Even the Tea Party advocates of such a course do so with trepidation.....more so in the southern part of the state where they are still reeling from the rejection of Murphy and Biamonte. Then there is Chris Smith who is on Tea Party Probation. Note to Chris, one more anti-civilian vote and we will commence with a primary candidate and start campaigning against you almost immediately.
In just one election cycle we have learned much. Don't forget, many of us are veterans of the private sector where our very survival depends on learning quickly, adapting and quick thinking. The opposite of the politico types whose main talent seems to be selling out for fundraising.
Also, look for more Tea Party candidates entering Democratic primaries in select areas. I am constantly pushing that with Tea Party groups across the nation. Having a presence in both parties will underscore the fact the Tea Party is not a political party but a true, American grassroots movement.

Let's GO said...

remember,"third parties" are nearly always traditional, statistical spoilers for any Rep., be they too lib for most of us, or the right candidates who wind up losing by default, to the Dems..Dems do NOT deserve to sneak in that way, any more, as it sure isn't on merit, and is always a bad idea that costs us all more $$$, and more of our liberties.. they simply can't/won't, we have to do it for them....please, everyone, stay focused on unity, at all costs, at least til Nov. 3rd, when we can each celebrate and take credit for the big win, nationwide! for Joe the K., it's good he did that, good to see the electeds stepping up for Anna, now, no more griping, please, TEAS!..remember to go back ELEVEN elections, Joe K. was one of the 11 who would certainly have done a better job than Frankie, had he won.. each of those brave souls who tried in the past, are supporting Anna, turnabout and well-placed political revenge are great motivators!.. so, avenge the sad and wrong losses to Frank by coming out/ contributing as a joint send-off posse, to that liberal Obama-ite, Pallone! me, it's gonna feel real good!..