Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Pallone Open House Videos

Phoney Palloney twittered that his Long Branch Open House ended at 12:30am. As if that was a good thing! He said on twitter, "This is what the Cong Recess is for- so that I can hear from my constituents. Lots of good input."

Here are some videos of constituents who started waiting to speak one on one to Pallone between 4PM and 6PM the day before he ended his Open House:

Ron is an attorney. He came to talk to the congressman about how the economy is impacting his practice and his clients. He was waiting in the heat and humidity for about an hour before I talked to him. I don't know how long he waited to talk to Pallone.

Clarence Webster accompanied his daughter to the open house to speak to the congressman. She and her brother both work at Fort Monmouth. They've been transferred to Aberdeen, Maryland. Their employer, the federal government, promised them relocation assistance including assistance with the sale of their New Jersey homes. Based upon those representations they bought homes in Maryland. Now their employer is not coming through on its end of the deal. Clarence's kids are struggling to pay mortgages on two homes each.

Clarence said his is an Independent voter who will never vote for a Democrat again.

This woman waited for almost two hours in the heat before she gave up. She came to talk to Pallone about one of the Cuban 5 who is incarcerated for espionage and is very sick. She doesn't want the alleged spy to die in jail.

Maureen Nevin says she is the Voice of Asbury Park. She's been seeking Pallone's help for years over a complaint she has with the FCC. Evidently the FCC shut down her radio station twice. She thinks she might have better luck with Pallone now because of his significant opposition in the upcoming election.

Joyce Grant is also from Asbury Park. She's opposed to a proposed ocean front development. She says Pallone doesn't respond to her emails on the matter, but she believes in him and will be voting for him in November. Think he'll start acknowledging her emails?

Patience is a virtue but Sister Eleanor got tired of waiting for Pallone. Sister is a member of the Franciscan Action Network. She's had great difficulty in getting Pallone's attention in Washington, which is why she came out on Monday. She wanted to talk to the congressman about immigration reform and climate change.


Anonymous said...

Well at least now Congressman Pallone can hear from the constituents he's been ignoring. Good reporting as always Art!

Dwight Kehoe said...

Sister Elenore is such a sweet lady. One can hear the sincerity in her voice and see into her soul as she speaks of her fear for the environment.

However, equal to her concern, is her complete ignorance as to the actual facts as relates to emissions and co2.

Just .0047% of our atmosphere is co2. Man is responsible for 3% of that amount or .000141%

The truth is that if half the human population were to disappear tomorrow, and for the next year, half of every industry, half of all the homes and half the cars, trucks trains and planes were to shut down, the the co2 in the atmosphere would be lowered by .00007%

Considering the actual affect of such a scenario, I'm quite certain that sweet Sister Elenore would prefer not to be part of that 50% reduction. I suspect she might consider turning her concerns to something a little more worrisome. Like the destruction of our economy at the hands of Pallone and his socialist pals in DC.

Dwight Kehoe