Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rush Holt Is No Friend Of Israel

By Fred Lehlbach

By now, most have heard about Rush Holt's "J Street problem", which has been written about by others, and reproduced on More Monmouth Musings. But even more disturbing than his support of the "self-loathing" J Street crew is the cumulative effect of Junior's statements, votes and positions in opposition to Israel.

After review, it is mind-boggling that any Jew would support Junior. In the 12th District, the wholesale loss of Jewish support could indeed sink Junior in his attempt at re-election.

The question of support for Israel will become extraordinarily relevant within days, when the question of whether Israel will receive U.S. support in its act of self-defense in bombing Iran's nuclear reactor will be a national topic of discussion. Previous administrations have supported Israel's right to pre-emptive self-defense, as well they should.

The current administration: Not Likely.

Junior: Not Bloody Likely.

On January 9 and 12, 2009, Junior gave some remarkable comments on the subject of Israeli self-defense. On January 9, 2009, under the guise of "Supporting the State of Israel" he had entered into the Congressional Record:

"...extremism incubates in societies afflicted with poverty, hopelessness, and humiliation...we must lift up all of those trapped in these conditions. It is...necessary that we continue to assist moderate Palestinians and strengthen governments that are committed to securing a lasting peace with Israel...we need to get the Israelis to make the daily welfare of ordinary Palestinians one of the principal criteria for any negotiations"

Putting aside for a moment that Junior has boiled down the mid-east conflict to social welfare and class warfare, Junior has telegraphed his true feelings: it's Israel's fault!

These words were spoken shortly after Israel defended itself after suffering for over a year as 3000 rockets were fired upon it from Gaza.

Three days later, speaking in East Brunswick, Junior "warned" an audience of 600 Jews, including Israeli Deputy Counsel Benjamin Krasna, that Israel's self-defense would only weaken its international position. He used the phrase "cycles of violence" over and over to argue that Israel had to be the one to lay down arms in order for peace to break out.

Does anyone doubt the absolute veracity of the old saying: If the Arabs laid down their weapons today there would be peace in the Middle East, and if Israel laid down her weapons--Israel would cease to exist? Junior apparently does.

As a result of Israel defending herself against the rocket attacks originating in Gaza, the United Nations came out with a terribly biased report blaming Israel for the conflict in Gaza. The "Goldstone" report was used to castigate Israel internationally, despite its writer being an outspoken critic of Israel and its distortion or ignoring of the facts. When the House of Representatives voted to condemn the Goldstone Report, Junior, who rarely misses an opportunity to vote, missed a vote. What was more important than standing up for Israel? Being with Jon Corzine on Election night, 2009.

In January of this year, Junior was one of 54 extremists, er...Congressmen, to sign a letter of support for Hamas. Even the mainstream media referred to him as “One of Hamas’ 54 Congressmen”.

Last year, after traveling to Gaza with Representative Keith Ellison, America's first Muslim Congressman, Junior called for the easing of restrictions on border access. Yes, Junior, you are known by the company you keep.

Junior was the ONLY member of New Jersey's Congressional delegation to not co-sponsor a Bill calling for tougher sanctions on Iran for its ongoing nuclear program.

Junior's actions can not be coincidental. Managing to show a complete lack of understanding of the Middle East and Israel's security needs while at the same time managing to actively work against Israel's standing in the international community can not be a coincidence.

Worse, he pays lip service to his Jewish constituents, convincing many of them that he is on their side.

The gig is up, Junior. You are no friend of Israel.

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