Friday, August 27, 2010

Someone's Got Some 'Splaining To Do

U.S Education Department officials released a video yesterday that appeared to refute Governor Chris Christie's claim that Washington bureaucrats did not give NJ Education Department officials an opportunity to correct a "clerical error" that cost the state $400 million in federal "Race To The Top" education reform funding, according to a report in the Star Ledger.

Appearing on NJ101.5's Ask The Governor last evening, Christie told host Eric Scott that his comments to the press about the cause of the lost funding were based on reports that staffers had given him. He said he became aware of the tape that apparently contradicted his account of the process only moments before the radio show, that he would review the tape and would be "very disappointed" if someone on his team misrepresented what happened in Washington.

By this morning Christie probably knows what happened.

Even before the apparent misrepresentation, Trenton Democrats and the NJEA were relating to this issue as the break they've been waiting for to stop Christie's momentum in reforming New Jersey government.

Christie needs to give a full account of what happened, make the necessary corrections and move on.

I expect he will do so today.


Anonymous said...

This is Schundler's second mistake. First was not allowing the 4.5 Million cut agreed to by 6 of the 8 towns in the FRHSD. Then this. he made the Governor look like a liar, or worse.

Is Schundler a mole to destroy Christies credibility?

Quite the opposite!.. said...

No, I think Christie's throwing the union a bone..but, here's what troubles me:.. Texas: Gov. Rick Perry (R), meets Nobama at Air Force One, while the Dems hide,and hands him an envelope, demanding more border security for Texas.. (ok, he's running, but I loved it!).. here, Christie seeks Fed(also OUR) monies, to help him w/ budget, and to look better to the "poor, shaken," educ. community, and we lose one of the FEW conservative thinkers in this admin. we need, to demolish the years of awful, liberty-stealing laws in all areas, that we don't even notice, any more!.. one seems more like leadership, the other, more like patronizing, to get out of a jam- sorry!