Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Kos Covering Anna Little

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Daily Kos is now mentioning that Frank Pallone may actually be in trouble in this latest post about November's elections. The text about Anna is below, but you can read about the many tight races that has liberal Dems quaking in their birkenstocks.

NJ-06: Is longtime Dem endangered? GOP internal poll says is he. If this internal poll is to be believed (and the standard caveats, of course, apply), then the climate for Dems in this cycle might be even worse than has been often projected. A new internal poll, by National Research, for longshot Republican candidate Anna Little claims that she might not be a longshot, after all. The poll shows longtime Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone leading Little by just six points (40-34). This would be a stunning result, if true, in a district where Barack Obama won by 60-38 and where Pallone has won every election since 1992 with at least 57% of the vote.

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John said...

"NJ-06: Is longtime Dem endangered?"
Extinct is more like it.
Frank the dinosaur, does not stand a chance against Anna Little.
Change is coming to NJ 6th CD