Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where's Frank? Where's Rush?

With all the fuss about New Jersey losing out on $400 million in "Race To The Top" due to a clerical error and the NJEA's refusal to endorse the Christie administration's application for the funding, one would think that such espoused and senior Democratic members of the New Jersey congressional delegation as Frank Pallone and Rush Holt would step up and use their power to save the day and pursuade the Obama administration to award New Jersey the education dollars. Right?

Here's what's been on Pallone's mind, according to his facebook page since the news that New Jersey lost out broke:

Frank Pallone Jr. An anniversary that took decades of advocacy! 90 yrs ago women gained the constitutional right to vote w- enactment of the 19th Amendment.

Frank Pallone Jr. Good discussion in Wayside tonight about US-Israel relations. Hope that peace talks next week in DC lead to political results.

Frank Pallone Jr. Those receiving $ from the BP spill fund shouldn't be barred from suing other companies for economic damages from the oil spill.

Frank Pallone Jr. Disappointed in stem cell research ruling. I support president's decision to appeal it bc this research gives hope to millions of families.

Frank Pallone Jr. Boehner/GOP plan to halt regs moves us in the wrong direction and would leave consumers vulnerable as demonstrated by current egg recall.

Frank Pallone Jr. Salmonella contamination highlights the need for the Food Safety Act - FDA needs authority to respond & prevent these dangerous outbreaks.

Frank Pallone Jr. Boehner continues to support tax breaks for businesses that ship jobs overseas - good thing for the Dem bill that closes this GOP loophole.

Frank Pallone Jr. Spoke at UAW Conference in Cape May about bringing back U.S. manufacturing sector, opposing new free trade deals.

Here is what is on Holt's mind:

Rush HoltTeam Holt is accepting applications for fall campaign interns in our offices across Central New Jersey. If you're a high school or college student interested in an exciting, educational, and rewarding experience, send along a resume to - and spread the word to others that might be interested!

Rush Holt By popular demand, here's a "shareable" link with information about our available campaign internships. Thanks for spreading the word!

Rush Holt Exciting evening meeting with Trenton residents at the Mill Hill Saloon

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TR said...

Yes Frank worry about the bad eggs because that is a big issue for all of us.
And Pass more regs because eventually if you pass enough regs there will never be a bad egg again... because all the egg producers will be out of business.

In the words of that great American Bugs Bunny...
What a Maroon.