Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Welcome More Middlesex Musings!

MoreMonmouthMusings welcomes More Middlesex Musings to the blogosphere!

Written by Middlesex Republican activist Joe Schilp, More Middlesex Musing was founded with the express purpose of emulating the impact MoreMonmouthMusings has had in Monmouth County in Middlesex County.

I'm flattered and proud. As MoreMonmouthMusings gets ready to embark on its next chapter, I am honored to have a new partner and namesake.

Schilp is not the first to emulate this blog, not even the first to play on the name. He is the first to reach out and ask for my help. He has more than my blessing. He has my full support.

During the CD-6 primary. Joe was a frequent and articulate commenter here, for the opposition. As I used this blog to influence primary voters to support Anna Little, I was more concerned about Joe's efforts in the comments here and on facebook than I was with the Gooch campaign itself. He is an informed, articulate tough competitor. I'm thrilled to have his partnership in supporting Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle in their bids for congress from the 6th and 12th districts respectively.

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